(Review) Hydra-Plumping My Skin With 1.85 HA Booster from Skin Regimen

With the recent change of climate and stress in work, my skin is showing the signs of lifestyle aging. What’s lifestyle aging? It’s symptoms of dehydration, dullness, imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles on my skin *sob*

To maintain and create optimal conditions for a healthier and youthful skin, I’m trying the skin regimen/ Boosters. These boosters are an arsenal of skincare products that let you target specific skin concern. Just like adding lemon zest to your water or a double shot to your latte, the boosters are applied before your favourite cream, serum or foundation for that double and targeted action to achieve skin health.

Skin Regime

There are five (05) targeted boosters in this collection as below:

  • 1.0 Tea Tree booster – targets oily, impure skin and localized imperfections
  • 1.85 HA booster- targets hydrated skin
  • 10.0 tulsi booster – targets to vitalised and radiant skin
  • 15.0 vit c booster – concentrates for brightened skin
  • 1.5 retinol booster – concentrates for improving skin firmness

Guess which booster I opted to try? I’m definitely going for the 1.85 HA booster which concentrates to hydrate my skin.

Skin Regimen 1.85 HA Booster (25ml – RM488)

Skin Regime

The hydra-plumping concentrate contains three molecular forms of hyaluronic acid: micro-, macro- and cross-linked hyaluronic acids, along with /skin regimen/ Longevity Complex™. The booster features a light texture for an intensive moisturizing and plumping action. It locks water into the skin at various levels to restore and prolong hydration, as well as to correct fine lines.

How to use?

Skin Regime

After cleansing my face and applying toner, use the fountain pen filler provided. Just use a small amount twice a day. Apply by gently tapping the booster onto the skin.

My Verdict

Skin Regime

Skin Regimen’s packaging has always been in classy ‘black’. 1.85 HA booster comes with a fountain pen filler which is more convenient and hygienic to pick up the serum. Although on first glance the booster seems serumy, it’s in fact very light and absorbs quickly onto the skin. There’s no sticky neither oily residue after application. If you’re sensitive to scent, fret no this booster doesn’t have any.  After using for a week, I noticed my skin is more moisturise and plump.  Even my beautician complemented on my glowing healthy skin. I loved that I can add on Skin Regime 1.85 HA booster to my current skincare regime which complement each other well.

Skin Regime

I would recommend those who have dry skin problem to try Skin Regimen 1.85 HA booster. Be prepared to see your skin glow with health 😀

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