(Review) Hydrate My Skin With The Face Inc Primer Mist

A long overdue blog post and finally I’ve got time to do it. This is about facial mists which is not one of my favourite beauty products. For some odd reason, I detest using facial mist as it seems so bothersome just to carry one to hydrate my skin. Now, I’m singing to a different tune for facial mists or sprays are the best to help my skin stay fresh and hydrate throughout the day. Not to mention it helps to set my makeup application as well.

I’ve recently tried The Face Inc Primer Mist, which is a lightweight hydration face mist that works instantly to hydrate, smooth and tighten the skin. It contains botanical extracts and a blend of natural moisture ingredients that gives us an all-day moisturised feel and plump appearance. This primer mist  is touted to boost 15 times of our skin’s natural hydration. It’s ideal to be use before make up as it’s formulated with biocompatible nano-sized molecules, which enables the product to penetrate deep beneath the skin layers for affection and lasting hydration results.

The Face Inc Primer Mist does not contain alcohol and core ingredients are:

  • Rice Bran extract– an antioxidant and helps to promote firmer looking skin and brighter skin tone
  • Soy Bean Protein – this helps to prevent the slowdown of cell metabolism and enhance cellular protein
  • Argireline – helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Vitamin B3– prevents moisture loss and helps to stimulate skin rejuvenation and firmness
  • Collagen– helps with skin elasticity and firmness
  • Allantoin– helps to improve skin texture and retain moisture
  • Aloe Vera Extract – soothes and brightens the skin


I like the aqua blue colour packaging that reminds me of the deep cool sea. The box contains a spray bottle and 2 vials refills (15 ml each). In total, there’s 3 of the 15ml vials. Travel size friendly and super easy to refill. To change to a new vial it’s easy peasy; all you need to do is twist the bottle and pop the refill into the dispenser.



Give it a light shake (don’t shake it too hard or the vials will pop out of the spray bottle). Next, spritz the fine mist on your face. I used it before applying my make up as to prep my skin. After applying makeup, I’ll also spritz it onto my face to reduce the cakiness plus set my makeup.



According to product description, The Face Inc Facial mist can also aid to reduce fine lines and wrinkles which I didn’t notice much. However, got to say it works great to improve my skin’s elasticity. It really help to ease the tightness on my skin especially the cheek area. My skin was less saggy and applying makeup was easier as well. Over a long time of usage, I did noticed improvement in my skin’s hydration level.

The Face Inc Primer Mist Retails at RM 178 and is now available exclusively at selected SASA stores in Malaysia. You can also head over to The Face Inc to purchase the product.

Till then, will keep you posted on my next beauty review 😀

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