(Review) Is Dr Rimpler Sensitive Products The Solution To My Sensitive Skin?

Dr Rimpler Sensitive Range'

I’m not even sure when my skin has become more sensitive than before. Perhaps it’s the increasing pollutants of harmful chemical substances that envelope us, together with allergies and hormonal changes that triggers my skin’ sensitivity. Lately, my skin has a tendency for redness and tenderness.

Hence, I tried Dr. Rimpler Sensitive skin care line that helps to alleviate the irritations and symptoms of sensitive skin. It also helps to improve the skin’s appearance and strengthen the immune system as well. One of the key core formulas that caught my attention was MicroSilver BG ™ which is actually the precious metal silver that carries antibacterial properties.

Dr. RIMPLER’s SENSITIVE range consists of three key products: Sensitive Rescue Lotion, Sensitive Cleansing Gel and the Sensitive Tonic.

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Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Gel – 100ml (RM118)

The Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Gel is a mild and oil free cleanser which is suitable for all skin types. It contains ingredients such as Silk Proteins to offer maximum moisture retention, Cornflower to soothe sensitivity and Roman Chamomile to heal irritations. Did you know that it’s an eye makeup remover as well? That’s super convenient as you can use this to wash the delicate eye areas.

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There are two ways to use this cleanser – You can opt to use either it on a slightly wet cotton pad and subsequently apply sufficient proportion to hands or cotton pad to emulsify it. Otherwise, you can follow my style by applying sufficient proportion on the hands *wink*

Dr. RIMPLER Sensitive Range 1

The cleanser comes in a pink liquid form and after emulsifying, it will become slightly waterier. There’s no scent on it. Love how my skin feels baby smooth and it really soothes the redness around my nose area. I had waterproof mascara on and it totally wash it all off ..Yeah! totally save my time from using eye makeup remover.

Tip:  This cleansing gel can use be remove using cotton pad either dry or moist.

Sensitive Tonic – 100ml (RM118)

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After cleansing my face, I followed up with Sensitive Tonic. It contains active ingredients such as allantoin and the extracts of the ‘African Rose of Jericho’ to ensure rehydration of dry skin areas and visibly improve the condition of skin which is prone to redness. Apart from that, it also contains MYRAMAZE® which helps to strengthen the skin barrier as well.

To use just pour a sufficient amount onto the cotton pad and gently apply on the skin. Optional, you may also pour onto the hands and gently pat on the skin for full absorption.  The liquid is slightly yellow in colour and there’s a slight plantation scent to it. Don’t worry, the scent is not unpleasant.  As I had sensitive issues around my nose area, when applying the tonic I can feel a slight tingling sensation.  Skin was more refresh after using it.

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Tip: By using the tonic on a cotton pad it helps to remove residues from your cleanser. Hence, skin is more stabilize and it also prepares the skin for the next product.

Sensitive Rescue Lotion – 100ml (RM298)

 Dr. RIMPLER Sensitive Range 1

Lastly, I used the Sensitive Rescue Lotion, also known as The Silver Spray which is a soothing spray lotion with panthenol and antibacterial MicroSilver BG ™.  It contains a natural cocktail of oily plant extracts that enhances the calming effect. The spray is specially designed for sensitive, allergic skin and eczema-prone skin.

The pure metallic silver ingredient known as the MicroSilver BG ™ is a natural antibacterial “active” which supports treatment of irritated and inflamed skin. It is extremely effective, even at a low dosage and has a long-lasting effect (depot and time-release effect).  It also contains DEFENSIL®-PLUS, a highly effective first-aid kit to alleviate stressed, sensitive and irritable skin.  The outstanding properties of Blackcurrant Seed oil and Balloon Vine extract in combination with Sunflower Oil Concentrate effectively reduce inflammatory processes and repair the damaged skin barrier.

Dr. RIMPLER Sensitive Range 1

To use just spray the lotion onto the affected areas with a pumping action. The liquid is white in color and there’s no scent attached to it. Honestly, this spray really works wonders on my skin. Upon spraying on my face, I can feel a tingling sensation on my nose and cheeks area. When I look into the mirror, I was amazed to see the redness surrounding my nose areas reduced significantly. I even tried it on my husband (he’s got sensitive skin issue that’s prone to peeling and itchiness). He too was astounded by how soothing the lotion was on his skin and it helps to relieve the itchiness on his skin. Simply love the fact that I can use this lotion anytime of the day.

Tip: If you’ve sunburn or eczema, use this lotion to relieve the dryness and itchiness.


Dr. RIMPLER Sensitive Range 1

Dr. RIMPLER’s SENSITIVE range truly works on my sensitive skin. After a couple of weeks, I noticed my skin’s sensitiveness reduced significantly. The redness around my nose areas is not as prominent as before. Skin feels more hydrated too. The downside is perhaps the white plastic bottles packaging which was rather unappealing. Apart from that, as I need to pop the cap to pour out the tonic, it sometimes creates a trailing liquid mess. Thus, I’ll have to grab a tissue to wipe off the excess tonic trailing down the bottle. However, if you’re not particular about packaging this is truly a good product to use for sensitive skin.

Do note that I was mixing other skincare products whilst reviewing this range. Hence, results might vary for each individual.

Dr. RIMPLER products are available at 40 beauty centres nationwide. For more information, log on to www.cheerful.com.my

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