(Review) Keeping My Lungs Healthy with Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King

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Since MCO, I started to developed nasal sensitivity issue. When the weather turns slightly colder, my nose will act up. Non-stop sneezing and nose block causes me sleepless nights. It’s so bad that I’ve started medication monthly and nasal spray is now my BFF. Perhaps it’s just my body’s way to tell me I’m AGING!

We breathe thru our nose but are you aware that our lungs play an integral part of breathing? They act as though the “protective umbrella” for all internal organs of human body. Acting like an air purifier, lungs are like a place for air exchange, inhaling and exhaling to maintain human life activities.

They are often vulnerable to external threats such as air pollution, heavy haze, dust, and second-hand smoke. Hence, lungs will always be the first to be damaged as a result of those attacks. To protect my lungs and improve my respiratory system, I decided to try  Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King.

Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King is distributed by Wellous; a forefront player in distributing beauty and functional food since 2016. Started with a humble beginning, Wellous aims to bring quality and innovative products for people from all walks of life. Using the most stringent specifications to ensure high-quality control to provide assurance and ultimate satisfaction for all customers.

Who’s suitable for Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King?

Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King is recommended to people who has the following symptoms such as Cough, Nasal sensitivity, Chronic bronchitis and Respiratory allergies.  It’s also suitable to consume for smoker, second-hand smoker, elderly, people with weak body condition and long-term exposure to polluted environment.

Unique ingredient ‘TIGER MILK MUSHROOM’

Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King is a health care formula which used Tiger Milk Mushroom as the main ingredient. Unbeknown to most, Tiger Milk Mushroom is a rare and precious medicinal mushroom of Malaysia rain forests with more than 400 years of medicinal history. In early days, Malaysian indigenous people used it to treat cough, asthma, bronchitis and fever.

Tiger Milk Mushroom contains 5 wonders of anti (s) such as anti-illness, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidation. It is mainly used to improve and enhance our respiratory system. This unique precious medicinal mushroom can help to:

  • Protect and nourish the lung, decrease coughing and improve breathing
  • Reduce nasal congestion and nasal sensitivity issue
  • Contain anti-inflammatory effect that help improve respiratory allergies especially when in aircon room
  • Helps enhance body immunity cells to effectively distinguish and eliminate viruses
  • Prevent oxidative stress in the body

Other ingredients in Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King

Apart from the Tiger Milk Mushroom, the product is also supported by other ingredients below:

  • Licorice – Anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing effects to help relieve cough, flu and sore throat
  • Vitamin C – Strengthen body’s immune system
  • Calamansi – Rich in citric acid to help clear phlegm and mucus.

Why Choose Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King?

The product used 50% beta-glucan Cultivated Tiger Milk Mushroom to emulate the natural growing process of Tiger Milk Mushroom.  Plus, the Cultivation process is under rigorous control. With stable production, quality and efficacy one can be more assure of the product.

I can’t wait to try this product and you’ll have to read till the end to see my results!

Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King

One box has 20 sachets and each sachet contains 20ml. The packaging uses natural and earthy tones to compliment the core ingredient Tiger Milk Mushroom.

How to consume Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King?

Tear at the top to drink

Take 1 sachet per day and drink it after meals. Do note that once the sachet is open, you’ll have to consume it entirely.

Taste of  Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King

It tastes just like Mango. Sweet without any hint of bitter traditional Chinese medicine herbs. It’s also non-greasy.

My Review of Wellous Tigorx Tiger Milk King

I’ve been consuming Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King for about a week and I’m loving the results so far. I noticed that my nasal sensitivity has reduced slightly and I’m able to sleep much better at night. The product is super convenient to bring around, just tear and drink right away. I definitely loved the sweet Mango taste and at times wish I can take more than 1 sachet per day *lolx*.

If you’re facing the same problem as me, you can give Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King a try. Contact authorized dealer for latest offer at Wellous Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WellousMalaysia/

For more information, please visit https://wellous.com/

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