(Review) Keeping yourself safe from harmful bacteria and airborne germs using Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Spray

Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Sppray Antah Wellness

The whole world is still battling against Covid-19 and even with the availability of vaccines, it seems the pandemic will not come to an end anytime soon. There’s this fear of stepping out to work, heading to malls or talking to friends as we’re afraid of being infected with Covid-19. Is there any solution, that might help ease this panicky feeling when we step out?

Today, I would like to share with you Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Spray by Antah Wellness. Rest assure, that this is not an insurance plan but rather products that can help keep us safe from harmful bacteria and airborne germs.

What is Defend Tag?

Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Sppray Antah Wellness

Defend Tag is a personal protective device which releases anti-microbial chlorine dioxide for prevention against air-borne diseases & germs. The sodium chlorite Defend Tag uses Japanese Innovative technology and is formulated with chlorine dioxide (CIO2), which is used to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. The product is compliant with International Safety Standards and is safe and effective in eliminating 99.9% airborne bacteria and viruses.  

How does it work?

The Defend Tag is formulated to release standardized amount of chlorine dioxide (CIO2) at an effective concentration. Upon wearing the tag, it provides the bearer a one cubic meter protection against airborne germs for 45-days.

It will sanitize and disinfect the immediate surroundings and kills airborne germs and viruses that’s lingering around. This product is suitable for those who are travelling, attending school, taking public transports and working in offices.

What’s in Defend Tag Package?

The packages include a sodium chlorite sachet in aluminum foil, tag, lanyard and clip.

How to use?

Tear the aluminum foil and remove the sodium chlorite sachet (do not puncture the sachet). Next, insert the unopened sachet into the tag and write the date of commencement. Finally, attached to lanyard and clipA gentle reminder, to wrap and dispose sodium chlorite sachet immediately if it comes in contact with water or torn open.

Apart from Defend Tag, there’s also the Protect Spray.

What’s Protect Nanosilver Spray?

It’s a safe and effective alcohol-free antiseptic spray containing <10ppm active Nanosilver. The product is formulated with Nanosilver which is an effective killing agent against a broad spectrum bacteria including antibiotic resistant strains.

How does it work?

The product provides protection on-the-go as it cleanses, sanitizes and disinfects. The Nanosilver spray is non-irritant and alcohol-free too. Hence, it’s safe and suitable for the whole family to use.

How to use?

If you have a wound, just spray on to promote wound healing. For those facing acne or skin problems, you can mist this spray on the affected area. Last but not least, you can use it to disinfects your hands or cutleries.

Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Sppray Antah Wellness

My Verdict

Honestly, I loved both products as its really easy and convenient to use. After putting on my mask, I just wear the Defend Tag around my neck and head out to work or shop as usual. Every now and then, I can feel a deodorize sensation and knows that the tag is releasing sodium chlorite to kill lingering airborne germs. There’s no funky scent to it at all. As, I’ve written date of commencement on the tag, I can easily refer and know when my 45 days are up.

As for Protect, the product is packaged in a travel size bottle and is certainly easy to bring along in my bags or pouch. There’s no need to rinse, all you need to do is spray and leave it on for 30 seconds. Plus, factor it can be used as antiseptic and promote wound healing as well. This is something that all mommies need as kids hurt themselves easily and we might not have anything handy to disinfect the wound.

Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Sppray Antah Wellness

Here’s a good news, Antah Wellness is offering a special bundle pack consisting for Defend Tag & Protech Nanosilver Silver which comes with FREE 1 Month Covid Insurance Coverage. You can claim cash and benefits up to RM6,000*

If you would like to purchase, head to Antah Wellness Lazada & Shopee pages below:

For more information on the products, feel free to visit www.antahwellness.com

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