(Review) Laneige Two Tone Lip Tint Bar Innocent Ombre Lips Look

Innocent Ombre looking lips are in trend right now. It can be troublesome to create the ombre lips look every time. To ease our suffering, popular Korean brand Laneige has proudly introduced its latest Two Tone Lip Tint Bar. An improved version of the existing Two Tone Lip Bar featuring V-Shaped Lip color, this Lip Bar will gives us the perfect Korean ombre lip pout effortlessly. (The launch also came just in time for Chinese New Year too 😛 )

Laneige Lip Tint

I was so excited to received 4 shades in the mail. It’s time to experiment and have fun!  Here are the 4 shades:

Laneige Lip Tint

03 Tint Mint Bar Green/ Light Pink I love this color of light pink with a minty scent balm. Gives me the innocent Korean look that guys adore.

Laneige Lip Tint

04 Fruits Candy Bar Blue/Pink– Fuchsia pink with a blueberry scent balm. To my surprise upon application, the color turns into sexy red.

07 Lollipop Red Lilac/Red– Lilac red with a strawberry scent balm. The color turns into a fiery red, simply exotic.

08 Cherry Milk Pink/Plum–  A deep plum color with a cherry scent balm. Simply love the deep cherry red look.

Check out my swatches of Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar below (swatched directly from the tube):

Noticed in the swatches how the colors blend in effortlessly turning into a perfect ombre tone. This is all thanks to the V-shaped portion of the lip tint bar.

How To Apply?

Laneige Lip Tint

For the bottom lip, I angled the V-shaped portion to apply to the inner lip, while the balm applies onto the outer portion of my lip. For the top lip, you have to reverse it where the V-shape applies on the inner lip. It’s kinda tricky doing the upper lips due to the angle of the lipstick. Lastly, smack the lips together and “VOILA” there’s perfect ombre lips! Due to the fact that my lips was pretty dry, up close pictures are kinda ugly. Refer to the below for lipstick colors on the lips:

My Thoughts

The texture of Laneige Two Tone Lip Tini Bar is pretty good comfortable and gives an unexpected intense colour. I really dig the variety of colours from light pink to darker red.  Loved the soft and moisturised feeling on the lips after application. The sweet candy scent is really inviting too. Just perfect to create the ombre look for any occasion!

Take a look at my ombre lips during Chinese New Year !

My Verdict

Simply impress by the amazing comfortable texture and the lovely opaque color shades. Top 3 reasons to purchase it:

  • Moisturing and comfortable on the lips
  • Create Korean ombre lips effortlessly
  • Slim and handy one hand application

Laneige Two Tone Lip Tint Bar is priced at RM80 and there are 8 shades available.

To purchase, head over to the nearest Laneige counters or stores near you. It’s also available in certain selected online stores. For more information, please visit www.laneige.com.my

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