(Review) My ultimate rejuvenation of mind, body & soul at spa at Oneness Holistic

I’ve been feeling unmotivated and stressful in my new job and was looking for a place to rejuvenate my mind, body & soul. A friend introduced me to try a new luxury holistic wellness centre, OneNess Holistic.

OneNess Holistic is located on the top floor (30th floor) of VE Hotel, Bangsar South. It is credited as Malaysia’s first Mind-Body-Spirit Bodywork Vibrational Healing Centre and Qi Energy Experience Centre. The inception of OneNess Holistic is rooted in its parent company, OneNess Concept Mind-Body-Spirit School, which combines its exclusive therapy with the precise use of Colour Energy Flower Essence Energy to assist clients in vibrational healing through the body as an entry point.

As many of you know, the mind and body are interconnected. Our mind can influence the body, and the body can restrain the mind. The mind is the source: through mind-body-spirit bodywork, it breaks down the physical blockages projected from the mind such as anxiety, depression, stress, sadness and anger, by opening the energy pathways to adjust the mind. Therefore, what OneNess Holistic offers is not just mental solace but the seamless operation of the entire mind-body-soul system.

At OneNess Holistic, they offer four main treatments:

Full-Body Chakra Deep Balancing Bodywork (90 mins):

Balances and purifies the entire energy system from head to toe, allowing energy, life force, prana (initial energy) to flow smoothly through energy channels to nourish the whole body.

The deep massage process uses seven types of high-penetration Deeksha Chakra Colour Energy Flower Essences to calibrate energy. Then, it adds the golden abundant photon flower wave colour oil to initiate circulation, driving the flow of energy throughout the body.

Finally, more than 40 types of high-frequency flower essence photon (biophotonics) are applied to stimulate the energy network system that connects your body, emotions, and mind, illuminating your entire being and restoring your health and vitality.

Deep Abdominal Bodywork for Emotional Release (45 mins):

A deep vibrational healing of the reproductive and navel chakras, driving away depression and restlessness. The intestines are often referred to as the second brain, as they have over a billion nerve cells. In simple terms, gastrointestinal discomfort will severely affect the brain and the functioning of the body’s organs.

The deep bodywork process uses restorative Deeksha Chakra Colour Energy Flower Essences to decode emotional buttons. It combines golden abundant photon flower wave colour oil, Gaia energy ceramic plates and deep breaths to relax stiffness and restore soft tissue elasticity. After the treatment, it helps you dispel bad moods and regain a sense of well-being.

Deep Chest & Breast Bodywork for Empowerment (45 mins):

Opens the vessel of self-love in the body to embrace the experience of abundant love. Various symptoms and diseases in the chest, heart or allergies, as well as breathing, immune system or removal of female organs, reflect the frozen ability to love. Energy that cannot flow smoothly will lead to an excessively heavy upper body or discomfort that is difficult to relieve.

This treatment uses vibrational healing process uses restorative Deeksha Chakra Colour Energy Flower Essences to open the ‘heart power’, allowing us to reconcile with ourselves, gradually making each healing better than yesterday.

Deep Cranial Bodywork With Ear-Candling Essence For Deep Mental Recharge (45 mins)

Guides deep relaxation and relieves nervous tension. By supplying the brain with more blood and oxygen, it rapidly adjusts and improves subhealth and delays cell aging throughout the body.

The deep bodywork process focuses on purifying the deep imprints in consciousness, while the detoxification and stress reduction of the head are achieved through photon ear candling therapy (a unique ancient method produced by a spiral manufacturing process).

The principle of siphoning effectively absorbs excess water vapor and bacteria in the ear canal, restoring balance to the head and raising spirituality. Healthy balance of the head’s chakras, including the forehead chakra and the crown chakra, brings with it keen observation and deep intuitive power, helping us to put thoughts and creativity into practice in the real world.

My thoughts on doing the Full-Body Chakra Deep Balancing Bodywork (90 mins).

Step into opulence luxury and be greeted by friendly therapist at OneNess Holistic. The lounge was decorated beautifully in a classical minimalist look that beckons one to chill and sit down for a cuppa . Therapy rooms are spacious and comfortable, with  separate bathrooms equipped with showers available for guests.

I went for the Full-Body Chakra Deep Balancing Bodywork (90 mins), and it was so good. I too was skeptical when they first explained the entire treatment. However, during the process, I went into such a deep relaxing sleep. When I woke up, my masseuse shared her thoughts on what’s troubling me and she guessed it correctly. She shared that she senses all this conflict when she’s doing the treatment on me.

What amazed me was how good I was feeling emotionally and physically after the treatment.  I felt like I had an abundance of energy. It’s like my body has opened by purifying the bad energy to receive a source of positive energy that channels everywhere. Honestly, after this, I started to think positively and true enough, I saw a turnaround in my job.

After finishing my massage, I continued with a 30min Perspiration & Detodification Therapy. I sat in the sweat spa to relieve all those toxics contained in my body.  Felt so good after that!

Here’s good news, in conjunction with their new opening, OneNess Holistic presently offers discounted prices and pre-launch packages are for a limited time only to enable the general public to experience deep mind-body-spirit bodywork like never before. In addition, this holistic wellness centre features the Qi Energy Experience Centre. It allows visitors to experience what a torsion field is, and how it can quickly relax the mind and body, increase concentration, relieve stress and more,

It was truly and enjoyable refreshing experience on the mind, body and soul! I highly recommend for you to try it for yourself! Book yourself a slot with OneNess Holistic’s therapist at +60124134288 or visit https://bit.ly/1-TO-1-CS_Holistic  today!

For further information on OneNess Holistic, follow them at Official Facebook Page or Instagram page

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