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Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream MP

I’ve started to pay more attention to my skin as age is catching up on me. There’s one area that I tend to neglect, which is my eyes area. As most of you are aware, the skin around the eyes are often the most delicate and the most susceptible to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Imagine my horror  when I noticed fine lines and wrinkles forming around my eyes area.  To reduce wrinkles and fine lines yet look naturally beautiful, I tried Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream

Before I delved into the product, you’re probably wondering why I choose this brand amongst other more popular ones.  Let me share the story behind the brand. Swanicoco is founded by Sung Chun-Sun, a mother and wife.  Her family was often troubled by sensitive and irritated skin. So she began making products with ingredients found in her home, to soothe their pain. They got better and she began her adventure of making more products. Today there’s more than 50 stores in Korea. Now, you know the saying ‘Mommy always knows best’, hence I decided to try this brand out. *wink*

At Swanicoco, their products are recognised for the below:

  • #1 Bio-Natural Skincare in S.Korea
  • 90%-100% of its ingredients are from natural sources
  • Non-animal origin
  • Not tested on animals
  • Free from toxic chemicals such as SLS and Parabens
  • Fragrance naturally derived from plants/ flowers
  • Does not use empty fillers but instead uses fermented ingredient such as rice/ soybean/tea tree extract as its products’ base

After understanding the brand, let’s head on to my review on Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream.

Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream (20ml) – RM147.10 

Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream 4

The first thing I noticed on the box was the beauty award logo. Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream was awarded ‘Best Choice’ by Sisters Magazine in year 2019.  That’s quite a huge accolade for the brand as many other products are vying in the same category.

Swanicoco’s Fermentation Peptine Eye Care Cream is filled with popular dermatological ingredients such as Peptides and Ceramides. Peptides have anti-inflammatory properties, promotes collagen and elastin production. While Ceramides, are lipids that help repair and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier system. Apart from that, it also has wild ginseng roots and EGF (Epidermis growth factors, which are naturally occurring proteins in our bodies that declines as you age and hence the need for an external boost), both of which works to protect and revitalize your skin.

Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream 1

Packaging:  It comes in a classy silver tube packaging and sealed with a label at the cap.

Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream 2

Texture & Scent:  Although it says cream on the label packaging, I would have to say the texture is more like liquid gel. It has a natural citrus scent to it.

How to use:

Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream 3

Squeeze a dallop on both of your forth fingers. In anti-rotation clockwise motion, lightly dab the cream and followed by gentle massage motion around the eye areas. Use it day and night after cleansing your face.

My Verdict

Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream 5

I’ve been using Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream for a week and I noticed my fine lines and wrinkles is less visible. The skin around my eyes looks more moisturise too. I loved how the cream quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving a sticky feeling.  It’s quite worth the purchase as the tube contains 20ml worth of eye cream.

By the way, Swanicoco Bio Peptide Eye Cream is also available in 45ml at RM 267.70 and 5ml available at RM 45.70. All these sizes are available at their outlets at 163 Retail Park, Mont Kiara & Waterfront Desa Park City. If you’re purchasing online, then only 45ml is available.

For more information on  Swanicoco products , check it out at  www.swanicoco.store.  

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