Review: Phillip Wain Meridians and Tissues Manipulation ( MTM ) Massage

Philip Wain MTM Massage (MP)

Since returning to the workforce, I’ve been feeling stress and lethargic. No matter how much rest I had, I was still feeling tired! Thus, I headed to my favourite spa Phillip Wain to try out their latest massage treatment known as Meridians and Tissues Manipulation ( MTM ) Massage (牛角松筋术).

If you’re wondering what’s Meridians and Tissues Manipulation ( MTM ) Massage (牛角松筋术) all about, I will gladly share it with you. It’s a one-of-its kind massage that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Meridians know-how and Western Medicine’s study of anatomy to manipulate acupoints, meridians, soft connective tissues and muscles.

Philip Wain MTM Massage 4

The result is a 5 in 1 benefit of Total Wellness, Beauty, Body Contouring, Pain Relief and Balance of Mood Swings. It helps to alleviates chronic aches and soreness, stimulates our body to self-heal and achieve overall improved health and beauty results.

As I entered the massage room, the masseuse was kind enough to explain the treatment to me. Meridians and Tissues Manipulation ( MTM ) Massage is not done using the hands instead its replaced with tools known as horns. (牛角松筋术) . In this treatment, we will be using 3 different shaped horns to stimulate my acupoints and to release pressure from my overstress muscles.

Philip Wain MTM Massage 4
Using Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream to balance the hormones

Before starting the treatment, my masseuse apply Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream, a topical supplement, specifically developed to alleviate the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. The cream contains “Phyto-hormone” Triactive Complex  of Chasteberry, Fenugreek and Wild Yam which the body will convert to progesterone, testosterone and other important hormones in the body. With the prodiction of these hormones it will help to balance our endrocrine system and positively influence the functions of our bodily processes.

Philip Wain MTM Massage 3

From this picture, you’ll find the masseuses applying and using different horns in certain areas of the body. For harder to reach areas like neck, they will use the narrow and longer horns. As for shoulders they will use the broader horn, whilst on the leg it’s a smaller horn.

As my body ‘hormones’ are hay wired with tons of blockage, in barely took 10 minutes before my skin began to turn red. Was it a painful procedure? Hell yes, I was practically screaming through every acupoint. Got to say the masseuse was kind enough not to exert too much pressure, otherwise I might have scream the roof down *LOLX*

Philip Wain MTM Massage 4
Skin turning red even with light pressure

Meridians and Tissues Manipulation ( MTM ) Massage full body treatment takes about 3 hours to complete. You can also opt for partial half body as well *wink*

Philip Wain MTM Massage 4
Enjoying my tea at the rest area

After the treatment, my body was aching however I can feel that my muscles are more relaxed. That night I slept like a baby! Phillip Wain is now offering first trial promotion for Meridians and Tissues Manipulation ( MTM ) Massage, zoom over here to find out more!

For me, I do have plans to make another appointment for this treatment. If you would like more information about Phillip Wain, visit their website or facebook page.

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