(Review) Refreshing New Beverages and Sweet Desserts from Hui Lau San

Hui Lau San

Remember earlier I blog about all new beverage and dessert on the go from Hui Lau Shan? Well, guess what I got my chance to taste all the new menu just recently. Bet you’re as excited as me to find out what’s new in store at Hui Lau Shan!

The latest addition beverages to Hui Lau Shan menu comprises of the following:

Fruitpucino Coconut Milk Series

This series of drinks emphasizes on smooth textures with a tinge of fresh coconut’s fragrance in fruit blend. It comes in four amazing flavours – Mango Mint, Matcha Pineapple, Dragon Fruit and Watermelon Fruitpucino Coconut Milk. I’m sure most of you are aware that Hui Lau Shan is famous for their mango desserts. Thus, I opted for Mango Mint Fruitpucino Coconut Milk. Boy, I was not disappointed as the sweet mango blends smoothly with the creamy salty coconut milk. You must definitely try this!

Coconut Milk Blocha Series

Here’s another series which also focuses on smooth textures and fresh coconut’s fragrance in fruit blend. Available in four exquisite flavours – Peach Tea, Earl Grey, Jasmine Tea and Coconut Milk Rose Vanilla Blocha. My recommendation goes to the unique Rose Coconut Milk Vanilla Blocha. It has a unique floral tea flavour combines with sweet scent of rose. To top it off, the salty coconut milk blends in smoothly with the tea as well. It leaves me wanting for more!

Mystery Gotcha Series

A series of drinks with nourishing ingredients, we’ve got four uniquely flavour tea drinks – Goji Gotcha, Endeavour Gotcha, Rosemary Garden Gotcha and Butterfly Pea Gotcha. Now, we’ve all heard wonders of the Red Goji. However, have you ever heard of Black Goji? Black Goji Berries are well known to contain anthocyanin, one the most effective natural free radical scavenger which enhanced immunity, improve vision, improve sleep and circulation.

Goji Gotcha is the pioneer drink in this series using a special blend of Jasmine Green Tea as base and coupled with black goji. There’s also various fruits added in such as mango, watermelon, passion fruit, lime and strawberries. I love this drink for its refreshing, fruity and floral taste! Definitely a must try!

Other blends such as Endeavour Gotcha features a mix of Earl Grey tea with fresh fruits, helps to reenergize. Whilst, Rosemary Garden Gotcha is a beauty drink that contains high antioxidants to help reduce wrinkles formation. The Butterfly Pea Gotcha comes in a dreamy purple and pink gradient and contains all the healthy ingredients.

Grab Dessert Series

I’ve always been a fan of HLS desserts. Unfortunately, I can never do take away with it.. Now, I can do it with the introduction of Grab Dessert. You can opt to treat your loved ones with their signature desserts such as Sago Duet, Mango Sago, Mango Chewy Ball, Mango Coconut Ribbon and Red Bean Puppy Love with the “grab & go” concept.

Totally dig the new beverages from HLS for it’s made of natural ingredients such as fresh fruits and flowers. It’s healthy and yet refreshing at the same time!

Special Promotion Alert

HLS is offering “Butterfly Pea Gotcha” Promotion at selected HLS outlet every Thursday. You’ll get to walk away with a cup of Butterfly Pea Gotcha (worth RM11)! How to redeem? Check out the details below:

  • “Like” on HLS’s and Mango Cottage’s official Facebook Page
  • Appeared at the selected outlet on the mentioned time and date to get a free cup of Butterfly Pea Gotcha
  • Limited to the first 100 customers of the day
  • 50% discounts will be given to the 101 cups onwards.

Butterfly Pea Gotcha Promotion Date and Participating Outlet:

Hui Lau Shan 

  • Dec 7 Sunway Pyramid, KL (3pm to 8pm)
  • Dec 14 Queensbay Mall, Penang (3pm to 8pm)
  • Dec 21 Aeon Tebrau City, JB (3pm to 8pm)

Mango Cottage by Hui Lau Shan 

  • Dec 28 Mango Cottage by Hui Lau Shan, Sri Petaling (6pm to 10pm)

I’ve also got another surprise in store for my readers. Bet you’re wondering what’s up? Scroll down!

Giveaway Time

I’m running a contest on my facebook page ! 5 lucky winners will walk away with Hui Lau Shan Grab & Go card worth RM85 each! The card offer the following benefits:

  • 5 cups of the new beverage & Grab Dessert (takeaway only) from the all new menu such as Fruitpucino Coconut Milk Series, Coconut Milk BloCha Series, Mystery Gotcha Series & Grab Dessert

More details on my facebook page . I’m sure all of you would not want to miss out this opportunity!

For more information on promotions, please visit the below:

Hui Lau Shan Malaysia Fan Page

Mango Cottage by Hui Lau Shan Fan Page

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