(Review) – Science On Skin (SOS) Concentrated Dermatologist-Formulated Cleanse + & Multivitamins+ Serum

With the change in our environment which causes our skin more damage, many women are turning to dermatologist-formulated skincare products to treat their skin concerns. Today, I’ll be sharing my experience using Science on Skin aka SOS, a line of dermatologist-formulated treatment skincare products. SOS formulations are of cosmeceutical grade as they believes in treating skin concerns by using the most potent ingredients formulation that deliver visible results. It’s made and used by many doctors in France.


I’m trying two items from SOS range which are the Cleanse+ and Multivitamins+ serum.

Cleanse+ (150ml) – S19.90


A daily cleanser with antiseptic and astringent, Cleanse+ doubles up as a makeup remover as well. You can clearly see the clear gel thru the transparent white packaging.


I took 1 pump (about 10 cents) of the clear gel and apply onto on my wet face, when massaging it’ll turn foamy. Quite surprised as it took only 1 wash and my face was totally devoid from makeup. Another thing I like about this product is that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry as it delivers high moisture absorption. This product is fragrant free and is suitable for all skin types. However, do take note that it does not remove waterproof makeup.


To use just wet skin with lukewarm water and use fingertips to gently and evenly massage onto entire face. Remember to avoid contact with your eyes. Rinse thoroughly; pat dry. Used twice daily in the morning and night.

Finishing this step, I apply toner before using the Multivitamins+ serum.

Multivitamins+  (2 x 15ml) – $69.90


Touted as the bestseller in SOS, the Multivitamins+ dual-action serum is a highly concentrated formula containing Vitamins A & C concentration, potent peptides, collagen and proprietary botanical extracts. What it does is to support collagen and elastin production improve skin firmness, brighten and even skin tone.  This is just perfect for me as the product can help lighten pigment spots and aged spots. Not to mention it’ll help reduce fine lines and evens out skin tone as well.


The serum is packaged in hermetic dual-chamber pump dispense to preserve the purity and potency of the ingredients. It’s in clear gel formula as well and easily absorbs into the skin, leaving no sticky feeling or residue. Totally suitable for all skin types as well.


To use, after face is thoroughly cleansed. Shake the bottle and dispense 1- 2 pumps from left chamber and apply thinly over entire face. Allow serum to be fully absorbed. Dispense 1-2 pumps from right chamber and apply thinly over entire face.  Used twice daily in the morning and night. (Note: Use the product facing you to differentiate between left and right chamber, in other words it’s your mirror’s image. Also avoid prolonged or excessive exposure to direct or artificial sunlight while using this product.)


I’ve been using both of the products for a week or more and here’s my thoughts:

  • The Cleanse+ works pretty well to remove make up and leave my skin feeling soft and plump.
  • The Multivitamins+ serum easily absorbs into the skin and love the fact that it’s not sticky at all. Noticed my pigmentation area is slightly lighten as well!
  • Cons of Multivitamins+ serum is that it’s quite confusing to decide which is left & right chamber, would have been better if there’s indication on the packaging.


If you would like to try the product for yourself, purchase SOS at http://sos-skin.com/

Disclaimer: This review is based on my own exerience and as you all know different skin type reacts differently to skincare products. If you’ve used this product before, do share your views here 😀

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