(Review) Sensez Beauty Shower Cream & Anti-Oxidant Handwash

Sensez MP

After a hot and tired day at work, all I need is a bath to relax and refresh myself. Thus, using the right shower cream is extremely important to me. Why? Each shower cream has their own unique scent and is able to create a relaxing environment, ensuring  I enjoy every single blissful moment during my shower time. Wanna take a guess which shower cream brand I’m using? Well, its a relatively new brand known as Sensez 

Sensez Beauty is a brand that draws inspiration from Asia’s nature. It’s made from botanical extracts, combinations of double ingredients formulation and long lasting scent. The Sensez Beauty Shower Cream comes in five unique variants with pleasant fragrance that is suitable for all members of the family. Together with luxurious creamy foam, it has added natural extracts that are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and skin lightening properties that will keep your skin healthy, delicately soft and smooth. Plus factor, the products are free from parabens!

Sensez SmoothingShower Cream with Cantella Asiatica & Aloe Vera – RM8.90 (380ml)

Sensez Smoothing

Cleans and firms your skin’s collagen with Cantella Asiatica, whilst Aloe Vera keeps the skin moisturize. The combination will improve skin’s elasticity while offering a soothing and calm feeling after every shower.

Sensez 4

I pump some onto my hands and realize the liquid is green in color. I love the unique scent of minty refreshing flowers.

Sensez Extra Whitening Shower Cream with Goat’s Milk & Pearl – RM8.90 (380ml)

Sensez Extra Whitening

Featuring an advanced whitening formulation and enriched with Goat’s Milk protein and pearl to protect our skin from dehydration. It also exfoliates and lighten our skin tone, leaving skin supple and radiant.

Sensez 2

An unique color of pearly white, the scent is carries a hint of vanilla mix in with garden freshness.

Sensez Refreshing Shower Cream with Orange & Mint – RM8.90 (380ml)

sensez refreshing

Featuring mint which helps to relieve skin dryness and itchiness, while orange protects and moisturize the skin.

Sensez 1

It’s interesting to see that each shower cream has it’s own distinct color. This round the liquid is blue in color and offers an tangy orange scent with a hint of minty freshness.

Sensez Nourishing Shower Cream with Goji Berries & Oat – RM8.90 (380ml)

Sensez Nourishing

Now, this might be a favorite among  us ladies. Why? It’s because it contains Goji Berries which is well known for its anti-oxidant properties, whilst oats helps to sooth dry and itchy skin.

Sensez 3

If you love pink, you’ll fall in love with this strawberry color liquid shower cream. The scent is also similar to sweet ripe strawberries.

Sensez Brightening Shower Cream with Rice & Pearl – RM8.90 (380ml)

Sensez Brightening

Looking for a shower cream that brightens or keep the skin radiant? This is the one for you for it contains pearl which improves skin’s radiance and lightens skin tone, while rice helps to keep skin moisturize.

Sensez 5

Showcasing a pearly white liquid color, you’ll definitely loved the gorgeous vanilla scent.

Honestly, I really can’t decide which is my favorite for each of Sensez Beauty Shower Cream offers a different feeling and sensation. The liquid shower cream is foamy and upon contact with the skin, I just loved the luxurious feeling. Each time after shower, I can’t help but revel in the smoothness of my skin!

I also got to try one of the Sensez Beauty Hand Wash as well. The Sensez Antioxidant Hand Wash range is infused with high anti-oxidants that protect, refresh and the condition of the skin. It gently cleanses away grimes while replenishing our skin with vital nutrients.

Sensez Rejuvenating Anti-Oxidant Hand Wash With Pomegranate & Passion Fruit

Sensez Hand Wash

Pomegranate for cell regeneration, skin healing properties & powerful antioxidants. Combined it with Passion Fruit which is high in mineral and Vitamin A&C to keep hands silky soft.

Sensez handwash

Use a pump or two is more than adequate. The red color liquid easily foams up and washes all grimes off my dirty hands. I loved the way my hands feel super smooth after every usage. Plus factor, the refreshing passion fruit scent certainly awaken my senses as well!

If you would like to try it out for yourself, then you must definitely check out Sensez Mobile Truck event  which is happening from 30th March 2018 – 12th April 2018. Here are some of the exciting activities:

  • Free Hair Styling
  • Spin & Win Contest
  • Redeem product samples
  • Special promotions – more than 30% discount on all Sensez Products

Click onto the below picture to find the locations of Sensez Mobile Truck :

Sensez Beautyさんの投稿 2018年3月15日(木)


I for one will definitely be checking it out this Friday, 30th March at Jaya 33- Alpro Plus (Jaya 33 Entrance), if you’re nearby do drop by to grab some goodies home 😀

For more information on Sensez Beauty, visit Sensez Official Website


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