Review: Setia City Palace 8 – BBQ & Seafood Steamboat (Pork Free) Buffet

I’m a huge fan of BBQ & Seafood Steamboat and when it’s buffet it gets better! My friend recommended me to try a newly open BBQ & Seafood Steamboat buffet at Setia City Palace 8 which serves BBQ & Seafood Steamboat Pork Free buffet (they’re in the midst of applying HALAL certificate) . This restaurant is located at Ground Floor within Setia City Convention Centre and the entrance is facing the walkway to Setia City Shopping Mall.

At Setia City Palace 8, the restaurant offers individual electric hot pot and BBQ grill for small table for four and also large table for 10 people. There’s more than 50 types of ingredients available which includes meat, seafood, vegetables and noodles.

For steamboat soup base, there’s 5 types available which are Palace Chicken Stock Soup, Palace Special Tomato Soup, Korean Kimchi Soup, Thai Tom Yam Soup and Satay Lok Lok. Do note, that the soup base is not included in the buffet price. Each soup base is priced at RM 15, be it for an individual pot or whole table pot.

If you fancy sliced meat, they offer unlimited refills of American Beef Slices and Lamb Slices. Just order these dishes as ala-carte (which is part of the buffet) and it will be served to your table with no additional charges.

OMG…you’ll be spoilt with the choices of skewers, there are 18 varieties as below:

  • Seafood range – Fresh King Prawn, Tiger Prawn, Squid & Dorman Fish
  • Vegetable range – Beancurd Skin,  Japanese Beancurd, Pumpkin Slice, Baby Sweet Corn, Yam, Oyster Mushroom,
  • Poultry range – Black Pepper Chicken, Marinated Beef & Marinated Lamb
  • Others – Black Pepper Sausage, Golden Mushroom Ham Wrap, Fish Roll & Stuffed Bean Curd Skin

Choose your favorite skewers and get the chef at the counter to deep fried it for you *yums*

Are you salivating yet? Hold it in as there’s more dishes to be highlighted in this amazing buffet at Setia Palace 88! In here, they offer seafood in XL Sizes and its super fresh. The 8 types of seafood available for bbq or steamboat includes Fresh King Prawn, Tiger Prawn, Sea Clam, Razor Clam, Mussel, Jelly Fish, Shelled Scallop and etc.

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Other ingredients available includes Lobster Ball, Cheese Ball, Fish Roe Bag, Fish Roe Ball, Stuffed Lady Finger, Stuffed Green Chili and many more. Even the vegetable range is massive, there’s more than 13 choice available. Just to name a few are broccoli, cauliflower, lotus root, bayam, pumpkin, you mak, enoki mushroom and etc.

Craving for noodles, fret not as they offer 4 types of instant noodles which are Spinach Noodle, HK Noodle, Carrot Noodle and Vermicelli. There’s even fresh eggs available to pair with your noodles.

As for kids, they would definitely love the awesome wok hei ‘fried rice’ and ‘mee hoon’.

When having steamboat, sauce dips are extremely important. For sauces, they’ve got prawn paste chili sauce, sesame sauce, yellow chili sauce, Thai spicy chili sauce, Palace Chef Specialist Made Mixed Chili sauce with coriander, crispy minced garlic, fried shallot, spring onion and chili. Be your own sauce chef and mix it up!

The drinks bar offers water, coffee, tea and juices. As a fan of sweet tooth, desserts is a must and they offer Polar Ice Cream, Ais Krim Potong and Mango Sago in shot glasses. There’s also fresh fruits and mochi (in red bean, peanut and pandan flavour)

Now, check out my review on Setia City Palace 8 BBQ & Seafood Steamboat Pork Free Buffet!

This restaurant is fully air conditioned and is quite spacious. It makes me feel comfortable dining in this luxurious Chinese style steamboat restaurant. For the buffet, you have up to 2-hours to enjoy it!

For soup base, I tried the Palace Chicken Stock Soup, Palace Special Tomato Soup, Thai Tom Yam Soup and Satay Lok Lok. I love the tom yam soup as its not too spicy and the clear palace chicken stock soup. Lok Lok sauce is pretty good for its nutty grounded flavor. If you love a tangy sourish taste, try the palace special tomato soup.

Whenever, you need a refill the waiter/waitress will assist you. Otherwise, feel free to top up the soup on your own as the restaurant prepare soup base refill in a small jug.

With the skewers, you can opt to bbq grill, dip into hotpot or deep fried it. I got to say, I preferred the deep dried skewers as it’s so crisp and the spices just burst in your mouth!

Another huge shoutout is the unlimited refills of sliced poultry of American Beef Slices and Lamb Slices. My husband love this the most. Just dip into the hotpot, and complement it with your self mix sauce!

Seafood is fresh and huge especially the XL shelled scallop. Be it grill or cook with hotpot, its still juicy!

End the night with desserts is a must. The puree mango sago is a delight to have for its not too sweet and mochi is good too!

Overall, I love the bbq & steamboat buffet at Setia City Palace 88 as they serve fresh and huge seafood which is certainly worth the money.


Setia City Palace 8 BBQ Steamboat Buffet Prices:

  • Adult: RM 78+
  • Child (up to 12 yo): RM 40+
  • Lunch Promotion: Buy 4 Free 1 Pax
  • Dinner Promotion: Buy 8 Free 1 Pax
  • Validity: till 31 July 2022

Quickly reserve your table at or call 03-33591188 now!

Setia City Palace 8 BBQ Steamboat Pork Free Buffet Review

  • Opening Hours: Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm/ Dinner: 5.30pm to 9.30pm
  • Address: No. 1, Jalan­ Setia Dagang AG U13/AG Setia Alam, Seksyen U13, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor
  • Phone: 03-33591188

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