(Review) Soothe & Hydrate My Skin with SNP Cicaronic Prep Set

Cicaronic formulation in beauty products is one of the most popular trends these past few months. Now, I’ve never tried it before but I’m certainly glad I did it with SNP Cicaronic Prep Set.

I bet most of you are aware that SNP is a South Korea skincare brand famous for its facial mask. This year, SNP has launched the Cicaronic Prep Set to rescue sensitive skin. The SNP Cicaronic skincare range includes a cleansing foam, toning essence, ampoule, soothing cream and daily mask.  Just a simple back to basic skin prep set which suits all type of skin.

The SNP Cicaronic skincare range is infused with Centella asiatica and 3 Hyaluronic acid layers that provide nutrients while calming and taking care of our skin. The exclusive relieving & moisture formula offers the best solution to soothe and restore our skin.

Cicaronic Cleansing Foam (180ml – MYR 79.90)

Check out the huge Cicaronic Cleansing foam tube which I gather can last for at least 3 – 6 months.  The texture is white in color with mild creamy foam that’s easily buildable. The mild formula cleanses the skin without drying it out. Skin feels hydrated, refresh and clean after using it.

Cicaronic Toning Essence (220ml – MYR 79.90)

Use the Cicaronic toning essence to soothe and moisturise the skin. You can choose to dispense the toner on your palm and pat it onto the skin. For me, I prefer using  the toner with a cotton pad. Sometimes, I even apply more toner onto the cotton pad and leave it on my face which works like a mask to hydrate my skin. *wink*

Cicaronic Ampoule (1.5ml x7each – MYR 79.90)

This Cicaronic ampoule provide intensive treatment care to my skin. This liquid ampoule easily absorbs into my skin, leaving it soft and supple. Use it continuously for 7 days to skin a brighter and luminous skin. Remember that you’ll have to use whole bottle of ampoule after opening it.

Cicaronic Soothing Cream (50g – MYR 79.90)

Cicaronic soothing cream is a deep moisturizing cream that provides nutrients while calming and taking care of our skin. The cream is rich but it doesn’t make the skin feel greasy nor sticky after application.

Cicaronic Daily Mask (1box of 10pcs x 20ml – MYR 99.90)

SNP has always been popular for their mask. The Cicaronic Daily Mask is a sheet mask that is thin and adheres to skin perfectly. Containing cica trio and sodium hyaluronate, it effectively calms irritated and sensitive skin. Just apply for 15-20 min and you’ll love the soft glowing results.

My thoughts on SNP Cicaronic Prep Set

Honestly, before starting on this range, I was having a pretty bad outbreak, skin looks super dull and there was dry flakiness on my skin. After trying SNP Cicaronic Prep set for about 2 week, I was amazed with the results. My skin was more hydrated and supple. There was a glowing healthy look on my skin again! The products are pretty affordable as well. With such a good quality, the SNP Cicaronic Prep set is certainly worth investing in!

SNP Prep Cicaronic skincare range is now available at Guardian Malaysia.

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