Scholastic Books Encourages Multisensory Learning & Interactive Fun Time For Kids!

December was a long school holiday break and thank goodness Scholastic sent me some new books as Christmas gifts for my two lovely boys. These multisensory learning and interactive fun books totally saved me for having two young active boys (aged 2+ & 5 respectively) running around the whole day might just drive me batty 😀

Carry and Learn Shapes – Extremely lightweight and it’s perfect for toddlers on the go

My younger toddler has recently just turned 2+ years old and now is a good time to introduce him to reading. Children his age has a short attention span thus I would recommend books that are easy to understand, colourful and have interactive touch-and-feel concept. Published by Scholastic is ‘Carry and Learn Shapes’ and it’s the perfect book to introduce him to basic shapes. With touch-and-feels, lift-the-flaps, and an adorable cast of animals, it stimulates learning with interactivity, concept repetition and call-and-response on every page.

Illustrated by Sarah Ward, ‘Carry and Learn Shapes’ boosts multisensory and interactive experiences with important concepts like colours, shapes and numbers. Making the book a good read in a meaningful and fun way. See how both of my son is responding by touching and lifting those flaps 😀

My elder son Kenwyn teaching his bro a thing or two 😛

For my elder toddler there’s two new books from Bodhi and Friends for him to explore with. Written and illustrated by Wiley Blevins, the first book is entitled Bodhi and Friends with a special appearance of his robot pal, Bobot. With this book, my son is introduced to all the unique characters and learn about friendship. This book set the precedence for the following series in Bodhi and Friends which is known as ‘The Big Dance.

So what’s the story in Bodhi and Friends ‘The Big Dance’ ? It’s about Honey who is getting ready for her Big Dance. She gets Darling to help her but they end up choosing the same dress. On the day of the dance, when Daling ends up in a fashion disaster, how will Honey help her friend? A beautifully illustrated book that’s easy to understand my son immediately grasp the concept about true friendship !

Scholastic also provided both my boys with some additional interactive fun time with it’s newly published book ‘A Spot-It, Learn-It Challenge ‘ by Sarah.L. Schuette.  In these series , there’s three books featuring colors & patterns, numbers and alphabets. Each book focuses on a particular key subject that can help kids to improve their focus and yet have fun as well. How? Kids are encouraged to search for the missing numbers or alphabets amongst the midst of bright and busy photos. My son definitely love these books and spend most of his time on it.

‘A Spot-It, Learn-It Challenge ‘ by Sarah.L. Schuette. One of the books – Loads of letters’ with key focuses on searching for missing alphabets in the colourful book

Scholastic published a variety of books that suits kids as young as 18 months old; feel free to browse at and find the right books to encourage the pleasure of reading to your kids.

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