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I’ve recently started to pay more attention of the food I put into my mouth. Hence, have been trying some organic products from BMS organics, Lohas, Granola Geeks and few others. With the festive season approaching, I realised I didn’t have much time to purchase them from the store. Thus, decided to log online to purchase it and I chanced upon Koyara. YEAH! I finally found the perfect online shop for healthy products.

Established in 2016, Koyara was founded by Mon Fong and Ian when they noticed a growing market need for organic and natural products. Most of the brands found in Koyara was personally hand-picked by the team to offer customers the best quality available! Now, there are more than 3,000 products available ranging from personal care to food. With its user friendly interface and varieties of products on promotion ripe for picking, needless to say I enter into my shopaholic mode 😛

Tons of promotions happening at Koyara

While shopping for my products, I noticed that they’re offering Healthy Chinese New Year Hamper  to welcome the festive season. The hampers are priced from RM158 onwards. Some of the selections includes Home Sweet Home (RM 158), Spice Harmony (RM 268), Healthy Home (RM388), Health For Wealth (RM 488) and many more.

I immediately placed my order for Health for Wealth (RM488) and Golden Natural Treats (RM188). The delivery service was truly prompt, I received my hampers in 3 days’ time! Here’s a closer look of the products that are available in my hampers 😀

Health for Wealth (RM488)

  • Tomato Nutritional Rice Noodles 200g x 1
  • Spinach Nutritional Rice Noodles 200g x 1
  • Millet & Rice Noodles 200g x 1
  • Berry Bright, Eye Nourishing Drink (10g x 30s) FREE Stylish Vinca Jar 1200ml x 1
  • Meet Organic Multi Flora Raw Honey 1kg x 1
  • Love Earth Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 480ml x 1
  • Yoji Natural Red Date 200g x 1
  • Earth Living Organic Chinese Yam & Red Coix Powder 500g x 1

Golden Natural Treats (RM188)

  • Lohas, Buckwheat Seaweed Cookies, 200g x1
  • Lohas, Organic Pumpkin Ramen, 300g x1
  • Lohas, Natural Brown Rice Crackers, 170g x1
  • Yoji 100% Pure Black Sesame Powder 100g x1
  • Lohas, Dried Seaweed, 70g x1
  • Lohas, Himalaya Rock Salt (Fine), 500g x1
  • Lohas, Organic Cane Sugar, 1kg x1
  • Lohas, Organic Black Raisins, 200g x1
  • Lohas, Organic Dried Fig, 150g x1

WOW! So many healthy products packed into Koyara Chinese New Year Hamper. Did you also noticed the little red soft dog toy in the basket? Plus the basket was carefully wrapped with ribbons and decorated with flowers too!

Apart from getting my favourite organic edible products, Koyara also carries a good selection of personal care items from major brands like Himalaya, La Mav, Sukin and many more.


Why do I love shopping at Koyara? Apart from the convenience of shopping online, I realized the items are price slightly lower. There’s also an online chat available to assist me in my inquiries whilst I’m shopping.  Plus, they offered free delivery within Klang Valley. Guess, I found myself a new place to shop for my organic needs! You can also check out more information at or

Happy Shopping & Wishing Everyone Happy Chinese New Year in Advance!

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