Skin Detoxification With L’erbolario Algadetox Range

L'erbolario Algadetox MP

Earth’s atmosphere has changed drastically over the years. Being an urban woman, living in the city, our skin is constantly exposed to UV rays and atmospheric pollutants.  Atmospheric pollutants such as smog, cigarette smoke and various types of environmental stress can cause oxidative stress. Hence, weakening the “barrier effect” which leads to cell damage of our skin, loss of tone and elasticity, early aging.  However, the situation is by no means irreparable. All you need is to choose the right product to detox and protect your skin.

L’erbolario recently unveiled its Algadetox line which precisely aims to defend and purify. The products draw all their anti-radical and protective virtues from algae and micro-algae.  Algadetox line consists of 4 products, from the Cleansing Exfoliating Oil-Gel, Day Face Cream, Face Cream-Mask to Beauty Activator.

Cleansing Exfoliating Oil-Gel – RM199 (100ml)

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The perfect Oil-Gel for those living in cities as it effectively cleans the skin compared to a traditional cleansing milk. The product is formulated with fast-absorbing Jojoba microspheres, thus effectively purifies facial skin from smog gently. It’s proven to be effective in removing polluted micro-particles created by industries, domestic heating and vehicle traffic, increasing the brightness of the epidermis by 77%!  Aside that, this formula offers radiance as well for it consist precious extracts of Laminaria Algae and Sea Lavender that help moisturise, tone and protect the face.

Day Face Cream – RM335 (50ml)

Ideal for daily protection against pollution with SPF 15. The product consists the extract of Moringa, Klamath Algae and Vitamin C which offers intense hydration, prevent deposits polluting micro-particles by 72% compared to a placebo cream.

Face Cream-Mask – RM365 (50ml)


A night time treatment, capable of performing a “repairing” action and nourishing the epidermis, thereby “reactivating” tired and stressed skin during the night. It duo functions as a normal night cream or as a mask. All thanks to Vitamin C and the extracts of Sargassum muticum Algae and Chlorella which gives the epidermis all its anti-radical and antiage action.

Face Beauty Activator – RM255 (15ml)

This precious beauty activator would perhaps be the star in the Algadetox range. Just a few drops can assist to “activate” all the glow of your skin, reawakening its tone, elasticity and at the same time nourishing it intensely! Features very fine oils with emollient and anti-aging properties that includes Camelia, Pongamia and Chia oil, associated with the antioxidant and anti-reddening action of Laminaria ochroleuca, Dunaliella salina and Haematococcus pluvialis Algae.  To use, just mix 2 drops of Face Beauty Activator with one of the Algadetox Face Creams or your cream of choice, to maximise the positive effects of face creams.

All of the products in Algadetox line has been clinically tested and is certain to offer you  a luminous and detoxified skin.  Find it at the nearest  L’erbolario’s store: 

  • Bangsar Shopping Centre
  • 1Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)
  • The Gardens Mall
  • KLCC Isetan

For more information, please visit L’erbolario Website or Facebook Page

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