Summer Escapades From Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

The weather is a bit wonky and most of the time it’s just super hot!  What’s the best way to quench the thirst? Let’s grab a cold drink from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

Celebrating the cool vibes of summer, CB&TL provides a fresh and colourful respite from the mundane WFH (work-from-home) life with two brand-new Ice Blended® beverages – refreshing Matcha Strawberry, which can also be enjoyed as a hot or cold latte, and the decadent Matcha Hazelnut, also available as a hot tea latte. Served with the sweet-and-tart The Pink Duchess and luscious The Green Emperor cakes, these latest offerings from CB&TL usher in the beauty of summer with bright pink, green and brown hues not unlike the summers in more temperate climates

From the cheery colours to the fresh and healthy flavours of the season, put your tastebuds to the test with the bright and delicious Poppin’ Summer Salad, with cape gooseberries, baby spinach and crispy popcorn chicken drizzled with a refreshing citrus dressing – it’s summer in a mouthful! For more savoury goodness, grab some wholesome goodness with the cheesy Egg Drop Sandwich or enjoy the heat of summer with the hot Spicy Chicken Bagel Bun.

Not to be missed are these Summer Special Bundle Deals at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®  (CBTL)

Zen Bundle: Get Two Zen Beverages for only RM25! (Until 14 Aug 2021)

  • First beverage: One 12oz hot, / iced / Ice Blended® Matcha Strawberry or hot or Ice Blended® Matcha Hazelnut
  • Second 12oz beverage from: Matcha Green Tea hot / iced/ Ice Blended, hot or iced Chai Tea Latte,hot or iced English Breakfast Tea Latte, hot or iced Vanilla Ceylon Tea, hot or iced Moroccan Mint Tea Latte, Passions Fruit Cold Brew Sweet Tea, Peach Jasmine Cold Brew Sweet Tea, Sparkling Passion Fruit Cold Brew Tea or Sparkling Peach Jasmine Cold Brew Tea.
  • Top up RM6 to add a slice of The Pink Duchess or The Green Emperor

Decadent Bundle: Get Two Ice Blended® drinks for only RM28! (Until 27 August 2021)

  • First beverage: One 16oz The Original Mocha Ice Blended® or 16oz The Original Vanilla Ice Blended®
  • Second 16oz beverage from: Chomel Hazelnut, Double Chocolate, Pure Double Chocolate, Mocha Cookies & Cream, Vanilla Cookies & Cream, Pure Chocolate Cookies & Cream and Pure Vanilla Cookies & Cream.

Breakfast Bundle: Egg Drop Sandwich with coffee/tea for only RM18! (Until 27 August 2021)

  • Egg Drop Sandwich (mozzarella scrambled eggs with chicken and garlic bits served on a vienna bun) with a choice of coffee or tea.
  • Grab two sets for only RM30!

Visit the CB&TL Instagram account @coffeebeanMY or website for the full menu. Order and collect them personally using the Leaf With Me pick-up platform, or get them delivered via your trusty Grabfood and Foodpanda riders.

For more information about CB&TL’s latest offerings, news and promotions, visit the CB&TL Facebook page, or the CB&TL Instagram account @coffeebeanMY, or their website

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