Tanamera Opens Flagship Store At The Starling Mall

Tanamera MP

Finally the long awaited period has arrived, Tanamera has finally opened its latest  outlet at The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown. Founded with commitment to offer fully natural and eco-friendly products, Tanamera has become a stalwart in the natural products market since 2000. All items are made from natural plant ingredients with raw materials sourced from the rich soil of our tropical rainforests.

Are you aware that Tanamera products contains ZERO artificial coloring, perfumer, chemical actives and preservatives? It’s simply perfect for the Asian tropical spa treatments they were inspired by.

Apart from shopping for your favourite Tanamera products, you can also enjoy Tanamera’s signature spa packages at the Starling Mall outlet. There are seven packages available as below:

  • Tanamera Massageworks – different massage techniques which are uniquely geared to encourage your body to rebalance, rest, and restore vitality. Four options are available: the Holistic Massage, Malay Traditional Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and the Neck and Shoulder Massage.
  • Tanamera Faceworks – using only freshly ground natural botanicals, these back-to-basics facials promote clear, well-hydrated, and supple skin. Consider one of the three options: the Traditional Facial ; the Aromatherapy Facial and the Tanamera Facial.
  • Tanamera Footworks – treat your feet with a restorative Foot Spa session of ritual washing, massage, herbal compress, and choice of Footworks (i.e. scrub, mask, and soak); or the simple Foot Massage.
  • Tanamera Bodyworks – a series of body treatments to fix your problem areas, or help you destress and detox, as you need. Options include: Body Scrub & Body Wrap, Body Herbal Compress , and Tangas.

  • Tanamera Prenatal Massage – specially designed for mommies-to-be to help ease muscular discomfort, reduce stress, and promote overall wellness.
  • Tanamera Postnatal Ritual – new mommies can benefit from Tanamera’s expert care thanks to the careful techniques derived from Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and Malay herbal traditions to help them into postpartum life. The package can be done over a course of three, five, ten or fourteen days for a minimum of two and a half hours a day. This ritual is inclusive of the famous Tanamera Postnatal set, which includes the postnatal massage, herbal bath, Tungku hot stone therapy, and Bangkung binding.
  • Tanamera 5 Element packages – representing the elements of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Air, the Element packages feature exclusively traditional Malaysian treatments. Consider the Semarak Api Spa; the Mentari Spa or the Ayer Spa.

I had a quick 15 minute shoulder massage and it was fantastic. Definitely going back for more! If you’re nearby Starling Mall, feel free to drop by Tanamera located at F1.111  for a pampering session.

Till then, thanks for reading!

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