U.S. Fries Fiesta Gastronomy @ The Square Restaurant, Novotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Hi peeps, remember earlier I shared all about Celebration of the U.S Fries Fiesta 2017!  Well, I’ve finally selected one of the location that’s  is doing the special crafted menu. Today, I’m sharing my two cents of U.S. Potatoes special menu collaboration with Novotel Hotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

If you’re looking for something sweet with a tinge of spiciness, then you must not missed out tasting The Square Restaurant collaboration for U.S. Fries Fiesta! Fans of meat lovers, you’ll definitely rejoice for there are two sets of of lunch featured in the U.S. Potatoes menu.


Imagine moist and juicy chicken grilled to perfection that’s served together with sweet spicy and savoury peanut sauce. The unique combination of sauce paired with the chicken will get you asking for more.  I definitely like the crispiness of the Side Winders which was extremely delicious to munch on.


My favourite dish from is definitely this Beef Teriyaki. The beef is juicy and tender perfectly seasoned together with Teriyaki Sauce to give a sweet touch to the dish. The winning item would be the Spudster, this crispy mashed potato bites  is moist and buttery, upon entering my mouth it just simply melts! Those Spudster are to die for!

The set lunch menu at The Square Restaurant, Novotel Hotel Kuala Lumpur cost RM30 per set. It comes together with a fruit platter and a choice of coffee or tea. I would definitely vote for the Beef Teriykay with Spudster. If you would like to try out this curated U.S. Potatoes menu, reserve your tables at +603-2147 0888 today!

I’m going to hop to another cafe to continue my U.S. Fries Fiesta journey. Do keep a lookout for my next U.S. Potato review *wink*

Novotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre
2, Jalan Kia Peng,
50450, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2147 0888
Website: Novotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre

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