The Ultimate Chef Cook-Off at Vasco’s Hilton Kuala Lumpur

I’ve always been a fan of chef battles or major cook-off battles shown on TV. Imagine, receiving an invite to catch The Ultimate Chef Cook-Off at Vasco’s Hilton Kuala Lumpur was simply a dream come true. So, off I go to catch this ultimate battle!

Vasco an award winning restaurant location in Hilton Kuala Lumpur is well known for its chic “al fresco” urban park feel design. Featuring an impressive buffet showcase of delicious choice selection of Asian and international favourites hosted an Ultimate Cook-Off for members of public and media.

The Ultimate Chef Cook-Off is a one night only showcase where seven master chefs presented two signature dishes each from Vasco’s Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Western and desserts station. Are you ready to follow me on this exciting journey? Let’s go!

Upon arriving at Vasco, we were greeted by the friendly staff and was given 20 voting tickets to vote for our favourite dishes together with 3 specially invited judges. The “Crowd Favourite” dish will be made available for three months on Vasco’s menu.

My first pit stop was the Japanese station, where Chef Ricky Kamishi, Executive Japanese Chef from Iketeru has prepared Maguro tataki and Temaki hand rolls.

Temaki hand rolls

Love the sweetness of the rice filled with fresh cucumber slices, crabmeat and generous topping of fish roe.

Maguro tataki

This dish might look like a sashimi but in fact it’s actually thinly sliced meat marinated in soy sauce. Topped with generous sprinkles of spring onions and fragrant fried garlics. The meat is extremely flavourful and tender to bite. I voted for this dish!

Heading to my 2nd pit stop would be the Chinese Station featuring Chef Lam Hock Hin, Executive Chinese Chef from Chynna – exquisite eight treasures vegetables with abalone sauce and Oyster blade served with butterfly bun.

Eight treasures vegetables with abalone sauce

Steamed broccoli paired with braised vegetables submerged in abalone sauce will certainly satisfy your taste bud.

Oyster blade served with butterfly bun

One of my favourite dish for the night was this bun. The soft fragrant bun is sandwiched with succulent duck meat. Each bite simple melts in the mouth. Definitely cast my vote for this.

Following suit I moved on to the Western Station. Here Executive Chef Michael Donlevy and Chef Suhalmi Md. Tasir from Vasco’s brings their A-game with Homemade pasta Aglio olio and Braised beef cheeks and potato Mousseline.

Homemade pasta Aglio olio

A classic dish made from scratch and is served fresh on the spot. The robust herbs taste with a tinge of spiciness is truly delicious. I voted for this dish!

Braised beef cheeks and potato Mousseline

Buttery mash Mousseline potatoes served together with succulent and tender braised beef that simple falls apart in the mouth. This is one of the dish I voted as well!

Moving on, I headed for the Malay station featuring Chef Jamsari showcasing his lip-smacking Beef bone marrow assam pedas and Penang Laksa with Crackers.

Penang Laksa with Crackers

A simple and classic Malaysian favourite dish. I prefer if the laksa was slightly more pungent in taste.

Beef bone marrow assam pedas 

Another classic Malaysian favourite and is truly flavourful with its authentic mixed of herbs.

Next stop is the Indian station to try Chef Leo Michael’s mouth-watering assorted Tandoori Spring Chicken and Butter Chicken Masala.

Tandoori Spring Chicken

Perfectly grilled juicy tandoori chicken is really delicious. Another dish that deserves my vote.

Butter Chicken Masala

Loved the pungent mix of spices and buttery chicken that melts away. Voted for this dish too!

Last stop, my favourite the Dessert station. Here Chef Brett Muller, Executive Pastry Chef whipped up his decadent sweeties Sugar snap cones with mango & passion fruit Espuma and freshly made vanilla custard filled doughnuts .

Sugar snap cones with mango & passion fruit Espuma

Such a sinful, sweet and appetizing dessert. The sweetness of mango and sourish taste of passion fruit was so scrumptious.

Vanilla custard filled doughnuts 

If you loved donuts, you must certainly try this. The generous sweet vanilla custard filling practically oozes out from it. Certainly deserving of my vote!

Wanna take a guess which dish won the most vote? Receiving 415 voting tickets from members of public, media and invited judges, the resenting the winning ‘Crowd Favourite’ dish is made by Chef Suhalmi Md. Tasir from Vasco’s with his homemade pasta Aglio olio.

It was truly an eye opener to see the friendly kitchen rivalry between the seven master chefs. They’ve known each other for years and is known to support one another as peers not competitors who share in the culinary philosophy.

Bet you’re craving to stop by to check out Vasco too. Come over and try out their newly improved buffet lunch priced at RM140 nett and buffet dinner at RM158 Nett. I’m sure you’ll enjoy every scrumptious bite!

With my foodie gang enjoying our tasting session

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