Unveil Your Sparkling Beauty With Laneige #Missiondewable


Here comes March and the season of beauty product launches are back in full force. From skincare to cosmetics, each beauty house has something unique to offer to us beauty aficionados. Korean brand , Laneige certainly has something in store for us. Are you curious to find out what it is?

With the thought of unleashing Sparkling Beauty in Asian women, Laneige has rolled out its new line of skincare White Dew and for cosmetics it’s Silk Intense Lipstick! Let’s kick start our topic with skin care first 😀

Understanding the need of Asian women who prefers brighter skin tones, Laneige’s White Dew which contains Water Science Technology is the world first patented moisture whitening skin care line.

Are you aware that hydration and moisture plays a fundamental role in skin brightening? With the increased of moisture loss it will increase melanin formation and thus lead to pigmentation on the skin. The secret behind White Dew is to control melanin and help us achieve brighter skin! Apart from Water Sceince Techology, White Dew also comprises a powerful combination of Mela-vita Crusher™ technology (assist to regulate moisture and produce a whitening effect) and Phyto- sugar Water (plant sugars that promote quicker effects).

In total there’s 7 SKU in White Dew range as below:

  • White Dew Milky Cleanser (150ml, RM100)
  • White Dew Skin Refiner (120ml, RM125)
  • White Dew Purifying Mask (12 capsule, RM150)
  • White Dew Intensive Eye Mask (8 sheets, RM105)
  • White Dew Emulsion (100ml, RM140)
  • White Dew Original Ampoule Essence (40ml, RM220)
  • White Dew Tone-up Cream (50ml, RM165)

Now, that we have covered skin care, let’s hop on to cosmetics and it’s all about Laneige’s new Silk Intense Lipstick.

There are too many lipsticks in town and what makes Laneige’s Silk Intense Lipstick stands out? How about having 30 VIVID SHADES ranging from pinks, nudes, corals and red?  If that’s not enough to get you excited, there’s two unique shades that acts as a mixer which is Exotic Yellow and Forest Fantasy. Apply these two mixers on any of the 30 base shades from Silk Intense Lipsticks range and you can create more than 90 different color blends! *WOW*

There are 3 key components formulated in Silk Intense Lipstick as below:

Exotic Yellow and Forest Fantasy
  • Ultra Micronized Pigment (UMP) – Increases color intensity by 20% and offers a more vivid color
  • Multi-Layered White (MLW) – Enhances lipstick’s brightness and allows variety of light reflect from different angle.
  • Luxurious Fabcirc-like Texture – Gives soft, rich and luxurious texture

We had the privilege to be the first few to check out the gorgeous Silk Intense Lipstick, whereby Laneige Global Make up Artist  & Trainer, Ms. Cat Koh appeared on stage for a quick demonstration.  Several looks was created such as sporty, posh, sweet, enchantress and mystic glam to name a few.

Laneige’s Silk Intense Lipstick is selling at RM85 and is available in all Laneige beauty counters and boutiques. For more information, please visit www.laneige.com.my

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