Up your Subway order with these hacks!

Loved your subs but feels a tad bored of ordering the same usual order? Don’t get me wrong, as the usual order taste great but there’s always ways to spice it up! To help you try something #fresh, we’ve got 5 fun Sub suggestions for you to try the next time you’re hungry.

#Hack 1 – Add some mac and cheese 

Did you know that you can add mac and cheese to your sub? While it may sound odd at first, it makes a lot of sense to add some cheesy goodness to your favourite sub to create an indulgent treat. Don’t fancy having mac and cheese in your sub? Enjoy mac and cheese on the side instead!

#Hack2 – Tuna goes on everything

According to Subway’s Sandwich Artists, the most popular protein combination is meatballs with a scoop of tuna. This is closely followed by egg mayo with tuna, and chicken teriyaki…with tuna. Our verdict? If the people love it, there must be something to this surf-and-turf approach. Why not give it a try..

Pro Tuna Tip:  A plain tuna sub is best paired with sweet onion sauce!

#Hack 3 – Add corn for some extra crunch!

Expand your vegetable horizons by adding some corn to your sub. An extra scoop of corn doesn’t just taste great, but it’s also a healthier way of adding some delicious crunch to your sub. Yum!

#Hack 4 – Turn up the indulgence-factor with some chips!

If you’d like to make your sub a little more indulgent, order a bag of potato chips as a side *crunch*

#Hack 5 – Try the hottest sub!

Love spicy food, but adding chili sauce just isn’t enough to get that heat kick you crave? We got you! For a limited time only, we’ve brought back the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sub with a new recipe that is hotter than ever! Head on over to your nearest Subway if you’re ready to feel the heat.

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