Usher a Roaring Reunion of Bold Flavours at Chynna, Kuala Lumpur Hilton

Do you hear Chinese New Year songs playing continuously on radio & TV? That rings the bell CNY is coming! It’s the time of the year, to gather families & loved ones to usher in a Roaring Reunion in the year of the Water Tiger. Hilton Kuala Lumpur proudly presents ‘Fortune Flavours The Bold’ for the Chinese New Year season of 2022. In conjunction with nine other participating Hilton hotels in Malaysia, this also marks the first nationwide campaign of the year.

A wordplay of the popular ‘fortune favours the bold’ proverb, this year’s theme pays homage to the Tiger zodiac’s traits of boldness and bravery while ‘fortune’ is synonymous with the festive period. The masterfully-crafted dishes are flavoured with a bold dimension, aligning with Hilton’s core values of culinary craftsmanship and creative innovation.

 Executive Chinese Chef Lam Hock Hin

Chynna, Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s award-winning Chinese restaurant takes the lead with an ensemble of Oriental treasures including reunion set menus, premium yee sang selections and chef’s signature à la carte dishes which are exclusive to this period. The four sets are Wealth, Prosperity, Auspicious and Abundance, and are available for dine-ins only.

Pricing of Set Menus as below

  • The Wealth Set (RM1,250 nett per table. Min 5 pax)
  • Prosperity Set (RM1,500 nett per table. Min 5 Pax)
  • Auspicious Set (RM2,000 nett per table. Min 5 Pax)
  • Abundance Premium Set (RM888 nett per person. Min 2 pax)

For the Abundance Premium Set, pre-order 1 day in advance and get a RM250 cash voucher for guests who pre-order with full prepayment made for any set menu orders, subject to a minimum spend of RM2,500. Voucher is valid for the next visit to Chynna.

Prosperity Set 

For our review, we had the Prosperity Set. We started with a roaring Lou Sang, trying Chynna’s ‘Signature Yee Sang with Crispy Japan A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef’. Truly a unique concept featuring crisp battered Japan A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef, served chilled. After tossing the yee sang, placed the Wagyu Beef together and quickly eat it. You can feel the rich sweet flavors burst in your mouth!

Next, we had a hearty bowl of Braised Pumpkin Soup with Shredded Chicken & Vegetarian fin. Followed by Simmered Free-Range Chicken with Black Sugar & Premium Soy Sauce, Steamed Sea Barramundi with Thai Green Lime Sauce and Claypot Sliced Abalone with Sea Cucumber, Sun Dried Oyster, Fatt Choy, Mushrooms and Bran Gluten.

There’s also Wok-Fried Celery and Lotus Root with Seaweed Flavors, Scallops and Prawns that’s tasty. We liked the fragrant Fried Spinach Noodle with Sliced Chicken Kam Heong Style with the extra kick of spiciness. Lastly, finish with a chilled Osmanthus Jelly with Deep Fried Lotus Paste Glutinous Rice Ball.

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At Chynna, there’s six yee sang options for dine-in or takeaway as below: (nett price)

Photo by Chynna, Kuala Lumpur Hilton
  • Signature Yee Sang with Crispy Japan A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef  RM388 per portion (Standard Portion)
  • Yee Sang with Tossed Peach Gum, Crispy Rice & Snow Crab Stick RM138 (Half Portion) | RM268 (Full Portion)
  • Yee Sang with Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell Crab & Crispy Fish Skin RM138 (Half Portion) | RM268 (Full Portion)
  • Yee Sang with Norwegian Salmon & Asam Kesum Sauce RM138 (Half Portion) | RM268 (Full Portion)
  • Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang with Traditional Sauce RM138 (Half Portion) | RM268 (Full Portion)
  • Yee Sang with Beyond Meat in Traditional Sauce RM138 (Half Portion) | RM268 (Full Portion)

Apart from set menus, you can also try some of the Chef’s signature dishes. It’s available for take-away or dine-in as well.

Chinese New Year Supreme Hotpot-Style Poon Choy in Claypot

Photo by Chynna, Kuala Lumpur Hilton

Features abalone cubes, sea cucumber, baked fish maw, fish maw, fried wontons, sea prawns, sea moss, sun-dried oyster, dried scallops, roasted duck, premium mushrooms, kaori bako,yam and radish. Price at RM208 nett per person with  additional RM60 nett for takeaway (claypot included) . There’s a minimum order of 6 persons  and must be pre-order 2 hours in advance.

Other signature dishes available includes Braised Assorted Seafood Soup with Asam Chilli Sauce, Wok-Fried Vegetarian Fin and Scrambled Eggs Served with Chinese Lettuce and Wok-Seared Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu, served with Chef Lam’s Homemade Trio Sauce (Tobiko, Sweet Mango and Black Sugar Mustard) .Price ranging from RM88 – RM288 nett per portion

Come and celebrate ‘Fortune Flavours The Bold’ Chinese New Year campaign from 2 January to 14 February 2022. For more information, call +603 2264 2264, email [email protected] or visit Selected festive items including yee sang and exclusive dining vouchers are available for purchase via

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For Reservations:
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