5 Survival Shopping Online Tips

5 Survival Shopping Online Tips MP

When I was teenager, I never really understood the importance of money. After all I had my parents giving me an allowance. If I ever needed to get an expensive gadget or buy new clothes, just turn around and get them to buy it for me.

Time files and soon I headed oversea to continue my studies. Now, this is where it hit me hard. I was giving a monthly allowance and if I overspend ‘heck’ I would have to survive solely on bread. How do I save my money? Simple, I started saving up printed coupons and vouchers to shop.

5 Survival Shopping Online Tips

Time has now evolved, we no longer need to step out of the home to purchase our products. With the advanced internet technology, we have now turned to online shopping. Instead of using printed coupons, there’s digital coupons and promo codes.

Shop on shopee

Come on, it’s super easy and safe to shop anywhere at the convenience of your fingertips. There are so many websites to shop online such as Lazada, Shopee, 11th Street and many more.  However, are you aware there are methods to ensure you get to get the best deal whenever possible? Today, I’m sharing my top 5 survival online shopping tips 😀

Top 1 Survival Online Shopping Tip – Outwit the Dynamic Pricing Strategy

5 Survival Shopping Online Tips

This online strategy from merchants offer shoppers different prices according to location, browsing and spending patterns. You might have thought you got a bargain deal, but upon next day to realize the price is even cheaper! To avoid the trap, remember to clear your browsing history and cookies. Also log out of your accounts such as email, Google + and Facebook.

Top 2 Survival Online Shopping Tip – Use promo coupons smartly

Shopee Promo Code

If you ever shopped at Shopee, they occasionally allowed you to combine different coupons and shopee promo codes at the checkout. Hence, be smart and use them in the right order. For example, you have a code for a 20% discount and a cash coupon of RM10. Always, apply the promo code first! Thus, your product is discounted by 20% before using the cash coupon *wink*

Top 3 Survival Online Shopping Tip – Accumulate promo coupons with multiple email addresses

5 Survival Shopping Online Tips

Ok, this is the most ‘kiasu’ method of all. But you can’t blame us for doing itLOLX. A few of my online shopaholic friends thought me this trick. They will sign up or subscribe to a new website using multiple email accounts, just to accumulate more promo code.

Top 4 Survival Online Shopping Tip – Rewards Programs

Some website offers special bonuses for doing certain actions or either get extra savings. There are other sites that offers cash back, just by using their platform to shop on your favorite websites. Use whichever reward program that suits your best.

Top 5 Survival Online Shopping Tip – Leave items in cart

5 Survival Shopping Online Tips

I always leave my products in the cart and stay away for 1 to 2 days. This will avoid me from making an impulsive purchase. Remember it only works if you have an existing account on the merchant’s website.

What do you think of my survival online shopping tips? If you have better ideas or suggestions, feel free to share it with me. Now, I’m off to find myself exclusive discount vouchers and promotional codes at ShopCoupons. The platform is one of the safest site and offers tons of promotions too! Wish me luck in getting a good bargain deal *wink*


Till then, thanks for reading!

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