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Malaysia has many different culture and languages. It takes time to master every language and as parents we would love our children to master as many languages as possible. One of the tough languages to master is English. Imagine living in a household where parents only speak in Mandarin, Cantonese, or Bahasa Malaysia, how can a child master English?

Here comes a proven effective solution, learning and communicating English with 51Talk.

What is 51Talk?

Founded in 2011, 51Talk Group is the world’s largest online Kids English education brand. In Malaysia, 51Talk has 12 years of education experience. The system and service are localized to suit Malaysian children’s learning courses based on the European Common International Language Framework (CEFR), Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, KSSR and many more.

51Talk has numerous courses to suit your child’s need starting from 7 years old onwards.  Whether your child is from Chinese primary schools, independent high schools, or international schools, they can excel in English at 51Talk.

Why choose 51Talk?

51Talk adopts the 1v1 online teaching mode of real foreign teachers, offering service to young users around the world, and meeting the needs of users to take lessons anytime, anywhere.

They have more than 30,000 high-quality foreign teachers from USA, CAN, PHL and other countries. You can book classes anytime from 6am – 11.30pm daily!

Learning and teaching methods by 51 Talk

There are several systematic learning and teaching methods in 51Talk which helps children to master the language easier and faster.

1V1 Teaching

Each student is paired with a professional teacher. The class lasts for 25 minutes by creating a pure English learning environment for students. Through high-frequency and multi-speaking interactive communication, the students learn English like a native language.

Interactive Video Formats & Platform Features

51Talk provides grammar lectures and videos for each unit. There’s standard accent + AI systematic which teachers and students can interact together making the classes more interesting. Apart from that, there’s additional platform features of an English picture book library and free open classes. Students can read and listen to stories daily which will greatly assist them to master the language.

Systematic Learning

Each class has pre-class preview & after-class practice, and each unit and level have a test to ensure that children not only learn but also learn well!

Courses at 51Talk

Regardless of the child’s problems in grammar, pronunciation or sentence structure, the various major courses are targeted to let children-listen-speak-read-write-take exams.

At 51Talk, they provide two types of courses. Firstly, is Theme Courses whereby students can log in to class anytime and anywhere using mobile phone from Monday – Sunday. This is a high-quality themed course with rich categories and complete varieties.

Secondly, is the Auxiliary class which range from specializing in grammar, in the comprehension level or maybe in additional general knowledge like mathematics, geography, history and so on.

Monitoring student’s progress

How do you monitor your child’s progress? It’s easy, there’s level of testes or quizzes provided for parents to grasp the progress of their children in the class. On top of the tests, 51Talk also provide a ‘local’ exclusive course consultant teacher to track, supervise and report to parents their child’s progress.

Here’s a sample of classes conducted at 51Talk:  

With the fun and interactive learning methods, your child would be able to master English language like a pro in 6 months! Now, your child can learn English, anytime and anywhere at an affordable price. To make it more convenient, you may download 51Talk app on your mobile too!

If you’re interested to try out 51Talk, they’re offering Free Trial Lesson, just register here

For more information on 51Talk, visit https://www.facebook.com/51TalkMsia

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