A beauty sunscreen must have – Skin Aqua Nexta Shield Serum UV Essence!

Never stepped out without applying sunscreen. That’s my motto so I make sure to apply ample of it before stepping out of my home. Introducing the latest innovation in sun protection from Sunplay, the Skin Aqua Nexta Shield Serum UV Essence. This breakthrough sunscreen is set to revolutionize your skincare routine with its unique blend of eight beauty serums, offering comprehensive protection and nourishment for your skin. Skin Aqua Nexta Shield Serum UV Essence comes with various benefits.

Offering a comprehensive broad spectrum UV protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It safeguards your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation that can lead to sunburn and premature aging. Additionally, it combats the formation of dark spots in ensuring that your skin stays flawless.

The product also contains 8 nourishing serum ingredients sourced from nature. These ingredients include Geranium Robertianum extract, Tocopherol, Oenothera Biennis extract, Vitamin C derivatives, pear extract, orange peel extract, hyaluronic acid, and the star ingredient, artichoke extract. Artichoke extract is known for its effectiveness in combating dark spots caused by the ageing of melanocytes and promoting the production of glutathione, a key player in controlling melanin production, thereby preventing dark spots.

Skin Aqua Nexta Shield Serum UV Essence nourishes your skin by providing intense and lasting hydration. It enhances your skin & radiance by diffusing light, correcting skin dullness, and revealing a brighter complexion. Apart from that, it protect against environmental pollutants , including PM2.5 particles, helping you maintain a healthier and clearer complexion, even in urban settings.

The benefits of this exceptional sunscreen are not limited to the skin. Formulated without Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, Cyclopentasiloxane, and Cyclomethicone, the sunscreen is a reef-friendly formula that cares for your skin and the environment.

Skin Aqua Nexta Shield Serum UV Essence has undergone allergy testing and is known to be suitable for sensitive skin. Its smooth and quick-absorbing texture ensures a weightless feel, so you can enjoy all these benefits without any discomfort. This is not only a sunscreen, it’s a skincare + sunscreen compacted in a bottle for convenience and effortless wear. I tried it and like the texture of the product!

Get your Skin Aqua Nexta Shield Serum UV Essence (70g) for RM 85.00 at any local pharmacies, including Watsons and Guardian, or your e-commerce platforms, Lazada or Shopee, today!

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