All New LANIEGE BB Cushion_ Whitening & Cushion_Pore Control

Users of LANEIGE rejoice as the brand recently just launched its all new LANEIGE BB Cushion_Whitening & BB Cushion_Pore Control! LANEIGE was the first brand to developed ‘FIRST Cushion‘ with a resounding success since 2012  and created the craze for ‘Korean’ look.  With that, the BB Cushion has quickly become the “must-have item” for every woman’s makeup routine.

BB Cushion Evolution Time Tunnel
What an innovative idea to use human voices for the BB Cushion Evolution Time Tunnel.

In the earlier generation of LANEIGE BB Cushion has 6-in-1 functionality with added features to target skin concerns such as Whitening, Pore Control and Anti-Aging. The all new 3rd generation BB Cushion carries the same multi-function feature but added in phenomenal amazing new highlights such as a case facelift, packaging and design of sponge. What makes it interesting is the holographic cover that diffuses light in different colours, reflecting the philosophy of sparkling beauty.

Foong Winnie, Brand General Manager for Laneige Malaysia
Welcome speech by Ms.Foong Winnie, Brand General Manager for Laneige Malaysia

3rd generation: BB Cushion Whitening and Pore Control (2016)

Laneige MP

3 Key Highlights:
1. 3D Skin Fit Cushion – Achiving a transparent makeup look is simply breezy now!
2. Super Flex Lasting Texture— Smooth and even skin tone with anti-darkening benefit.
3. Hydro Ion Mineral Water— 6 minerals and 3 essential vitamins that provides longer lasting moisturisation!

BB Cushion Whitening (For Dewy, Brighter Coverage) – RM159 (15g)

Laneige 2

  1. Dual whitening technology for brighter skin with Sparkling Coat Technology that adopts coloring technology giving a pay off of a brighter and glowing looks that’s extremely radiant.
    Water Coating Technology that offers natural dewy look using micro-sized moisture coated pearls.
  2. UV protection (SPF50+ PA+++)
  3. Water-resistant (Maintains the effects of a dewy skin despite sweat or sebum)

BB Cushion Pore Control (For Semi-Matte Coverage) – RM159 (15g)

Laneige 3

  1. 2-step oil control system – Control excess sebum and minimize the visibility of pores. Also helps to moisturize and strengthen the skin’s barrier.
  2. Blurring Effect – Covers imperfections, it helps to portray a smooth-looking complexion with light reflection effects.
  3. UV protection (SPF50+ PA+++)
  4. Water-resistant
  5. Semi-matte Finish with Excellent Coverage (Strong resistance against sebum, sweat and heat) 

The All-New BB Cushion (Pore & Whitening)

Both variants are available in 8 shades:


Neutral shades
6 Neutral tones (13, 21, 23, 31, 33, 35)

Naturally bring our a warm and healthy tone which is ideal for most Asian skin. Suitable for those with dull, yellow undertone skin.

Cool shades
2 Cool tones (13C and 21C)

Radiant with vibes of colours and is most suitable for cool/red undertones skin.

Laneige 6

Head over to the nearest LANEIGE stand-alone boutiques or counters to try these new babies for yourselves. For more information, kindly visit LANEIGE’s Official Website or Facebook Page

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