Amazing feast of U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival 2018 at Jibby & Co.

U.S. Potatoes

Being a huge fan of potatoes, every year I look forward with anticipation to U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival! Potatoes are one of my favorite foods as it has an indispensable source of nutrition. One 148 gram potato packs only 110 calories, but 18% of the RDV (recommended daily value) of potassium and 45% of the RDV of vitamin C. Isn’t the nutrition value astounding? If you’re wondering what U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival all about, let me quickly do a refresher course for you *wink*

U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival is held each year to promote the varieties and creative usages of U.S. Fresh & U.S. Frozen potatoes. With the on-going festival held in the entire month of July 2018, Malaysia potatoes fans can enjoy the many varieties and innovative dishes featuring U.S. potatoes. This year there are 14 restaurants participating in Kuala Lumpur, serving a wide and diverse repertoire of U.S. potatoes.

U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival

Amongst all potatoes, why is U.S. potatoes deems the best? U.S. potato growers offer processors high-quality potatoes from a plentiful year-round supply. Using State-of-the-art processing facilities and generations of expertise, U.S. potatoes contain high “solids” and low sugar content. Growing in ideal temperatures and rich soil, the potatoes appearance is more desirable and has better taste and texture. Apart from that, the U.S. industry standards are demanding and must meet all Food and Drug Administration and USDA specifications.

U.S. potatoes

Are you ready to join me in the quest to taste the best of U.S. potatoes dishes? Well, let’s go! I found myself at Jibby & Co to try out their latest creation using U.S. potatoes. There are two dishes available which is Baked Cheezy Chili Beef U.S. Fries with Pico De Gallo and Creamy U.S. Potato Gnocchi with Mushrooms Fricassee. My lips are smacking in anticipation while waiting for the dishes to arrive.

Baked Cheezy chili beef U.S. Fries with Pico De Gallo – RM25+

U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival

Using U.S. Straight Cut Fries, we’ve got a plate of golden brown fries baked to perfection. Topped with delicious pico de gallo sauce aka Bolognese sauce. The fragrant herbs mixed together with sourish tomato paste also features diced cube tomatoes and onions. Did I also mention there’s a generous portion of diced chili beef as well? The perfect cheesy dish to have with your friends while catching up on some good old times.

Creamy U.S. Potato Gnocchi with Mushrooms Fricassee – RM28+

 U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival

A unique dish featuring U.S. russet potatoes made into soft creamy gnocchi with generous toppings of mushroom. The gnocchi sauce is made from creamy mushroom white sauce that’s similar to carbonara sauce. Sprinkle with a dash of pepper, friend onions and soft tender mushroom, each bite simply melts in the mouth. I love each delightful morsel of this fantastic dish.

I was quite blown away with Jibby & Co’s creative twist on U.S. Potatoes. I will definitely revisit the restaurant for another round of the dish before promotion ends on 31 July 2018.

By the way, there’s a contest going on during the U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival. You stand a’ chance to win an Ipad 9.7 inch, 32GB home! How to join the #MyPotatoesUSA Most Creative Contest? Follow the below simple steps:

  1. Order one U.S. Potato Culinary Festival dish from any participating outlets.
  2. Follow MyPotatoesUSA on Facebook
  3. Post a creative caption and photo of the U.S. Potatoes dish with #MyPotatoesUSA and “check in” to the participating outlets.
  4. Remember to set post or profile ‘Public’

A panel of judges will select winners based on most creative posts. There will be 5 Weekly Prizes and 3 Grand Prize of Ipad to be won.  If you would like more information, log on to

U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival

Apart from Jibby & Co, you can head over to the below locations as well:

  1. Roulette
  2. Pietro
  3. Anne Elizabeth
  4. Delicious
  5. Brew House
  6. The Three Stooges
  7. Macaroni
  8. Bresserie Fritz Troika
  9. Fuego Wolo
  10. Kingstreet Café
  11. Coffee Club
  12. Michaelangelo
  13. Piccolino

Wish me the best of luck, who knows I might be one of the lucky winners! Till then, keep you posted on my next culinary journey!

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