(Review) The Best Of Nature Mask From Jayeon Cosmetics

Jayeon Cosmetics

Hiya…beauty lovelies! I’m back to share my latest obsession on sheet masks. If you’re unaware, I’m actually quite a beauty hoarder. One of my favorite beauty collection is mask sheets from different brands. Whether it’s from Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan or Korea, I just loved to buy and try it out! Amongst these 4 countries, I would have to say Korea has a variety of brands for mask sheets. That’s great news, coz I’m a huge fan of K-Beauty.

I recently discovered a new brand from Korea, which is Jayeon 자연 and is literally translate to ‘nature’ in Korean.  I was pretty stoked to receive my beauty box from Jayeon which consist of mask sheets (woots), aloe vera cleanser and gel.

Jayeon Cosmetics
So happy with my K-Beauty goodies: D

Before starting my review, let me share some backgrounder on Jayeon.  The brand focuses on providing natural skincare from Korea’. Recognizing consumers’ struggle for good and affordable products, Jayeon offers formulations made in Korea that are suitable for all skin types. On top of that, it also comes with 6 ‘NO’ assurance in their product ingredients such as No Paraben, No Alcohol, No Benzophenone, No Artifical Colouring, No Animal Oil and No Mineral Oil.

 Jayeon Cosmetics

Jayeon mask sheets comes in three different varieties which is Aloe Hydrating Mask, Raspberry Brightening Mask and Pearl Whitening Mask. There is an ingredient that I absolutely adored in all the mask which is aloe vera. If you’re not aware aloe vera offers tons of benefits to our skins such as soothing and hydration.

Jayeon’s ‘In Love with Moisture’ Aloe Hydrating Mask 

Jayeon Cosmetics

My top favorite amongst the mask sheets is this hydrating mask. It’s really hydrating (even my hubby is singing praises of it). The mask comes with a lot of essences inside and is not sticky at all. After application, my skin feels amazingly hydrating and love how it sooths the redness around my nose area.  This mask has a refreshing scent to it that kind of reminds of ‘spring in the summer fields’.

Jayeon’s ‘Like the Whole Universe is Yours’ Raspberry Brightening Mask 

Jayeon Cosmetics

Similar to hydrating mask, the raspberry brightening mask sweet has a tangy fruity scent. It’s also non sticky to the skin. After application, I noticed that my skin has a natural glow to it.

Jayeon’s ‘Time to Get Fairer’ Pearl Whitening Mask

Jayeon Cosmetics

Lastly it’s the pearl whitening mask which has a subtle breezy ocean scent to it. This essence is slightly thicker hence it’s also stickier on the skin. However, I like the fact that after application, the skin is more radiant.


Jayeon Cosmetics

This aloe whitening cleanser contains berries (whitening) and aloe (soothing and hydrating) as the main ingredient. I like how the gentle cleanser doesn’t cause my skin to feel overly dry after usage. It has a light and pleasant fruity scent which I really dig as well. For the price of RM14.90, it’s pretty affordable!

JAYEON ALOE VERA(300ml) – RM18.90

Jayeon Cosmetics

Well, I’m pretty sure everyone knows that aloe vera is a versatile beauty product. The Aloe Vera Fresh Soothing & Moisturising Gel from Jayeon contains 98% aloe vera. It’s non-sticky and has a light refreshing scent to it. I like how it absorbs quickly on the skin too! For travelling convenience, you can opt to purchase the 100ml tube version for only RM12.90! Here’s a tip, you can apply the gel on dry areas on your arms and legs as well *wink*.

Jayeon Cosmetics
Love how the cottony mask sheet fit perfectly on my skin  

If you’re wondering where I received all these K-beauty goodies, let me share I got it from www.11street.my  at the Beauty Asia Official Store. By the way, they are currently running a Buy 2 Free 1 promotion for the sheet masks. You can now get 3 boxes for the price of 2 which comes up to RM33.80 only! This is super worthy yo *wink*. On top of that, if your total purchase is valued above RM30, you can apply an additional RM5 voucher code that’s available for download from 1st June to 31st July 2018 on the Beauty Asia Official Store.  Needless to say, I bought myself more mask as it’s just too good a bargain to pass up *LOLX*

For further information on Jayeon, please visit their official website or Facebook Page.

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