Avon Launches Elegant Accessories and Lingerie

Avon MP

Since I was young, I’ve heard about Avon from my mother. Over the years, Avon has evolved and introduces new innovation every year.  I was stoked to be invited to the launch of their first ever premium brand of accessories and lingerie.

Check out the range of gorgeous accessories and lingerie collection featuring tote bags, watch sets and premium innerwear.

Here’s a closer look of Desiree’s first collection by Avon known as Irina Collection. The name ‘Irina’ symbolises confidence and charms of the modern sophisticated women.

Avon’s new lingerie is truly comfortable and is made to fit all type of sizes. Made from premium quality materials, the collection is definitely one enticing sexy piece that perfectly complements the women in you.

Verdict, I’m quite impressed with the new collection and can’t wait to see more new fashion items coming from Avon. For more information, head over to Avon’s Website !

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