(Review) Milbon Scalp Care & Hair Transformation at Code 96 Hair Spa & Studio

Code 96 Hair Spa

Time really flies when you’re busy with work. In a blink of an eye, it’s  4 months since I stepped into a salon. My hair really needs help!!! Luckily, Code 96 Hair Spa & Studio came to the rescue. This cozy salon is based in the busy areas of Makhota Cheras but fret not as it’s still pretty easy to get a decent parking space.

Stepping into Code 96 Hair Spa & Studio, the minimalist and chic decor will immediately put you at ease.  The salon consist a dainty living room, hair wash corner as well as a private compartment for scalp treatment process. Did you notice that there’s only Milbon products here? It’s because the owners felt that Milbon is one of the best hair care product in the market. Milbon is well known for its moisturising properties and amazing hair color tones. Don’t believe me, read all the way to see my transformation *wink*

My stylist was Florence, who’s a hair color specialist. However, she’s also a pro in hair scalp care. I’ve been having some minor issues with my scalp as its too sensitised. Apart from having scalp problems, I’ve also got super dry hair. Glad to find a salon that has a professional stylist attending to my scalp and hair. It’s time to start my treatment, lets go!

Before undergoing hair treatment- discoloration , frizzy and dry hair.

Firstly, Florence did a scan of my scalp. To my horror, my sensitised scalp is causing me itchiness, redness and dry flakes falling out.  In fact, Florence advised me to take care of my scalp for over long period of damage, I might have hair fall too *Oh no*

After scanning my hair, we proceeded to spray on Milbon Sculpt Support Oil. What does it do? It helps to protect my scalp from harsh environmental damage during the process of treatment or coloring.

Next, Florence recommended me to use Milbon Plarmia Series. This anti-aging series has shampoo, serum, moisture retention conditioner and hair treatment. The main components in Plarmia series are Black Soybean – a source of natural ingredients and  Persimmon Tannin which is an enhanced cleansing ingredient to remove scalp’s odors easily.  This series is definitely suitable to be used on daily basis.

Milbon Plarmia shampoo is the World’s First Micro-Carbonated Shampoo. The technique was to massage the shampoo on the scalp. With just a small little pump, the shampoo is still foamy. Next, we apply Scalp Nutrition Serum.  It helps to improve blood circulation in follicle to grow healthy and beautiful hair. Just spray it and massage it in.  Finishing that, we then apply Scalp Moisture Retention to gently wash my hair. Lastly, to repair and replenish scalp moisture by using Scalp Treatment. Loved how my hair so much smoother after this  treatment.

Time to touch up my dreadful hair colors. Check out the gorgeous hair color tone available. Guess which one, I went for? I didn’t bleach my hair so the colour that I opt for might not stand out till after few washes.

After an hour, my hair color is done. Well as usual after hair coloring, we will have hair treatment too.  I will be using DEESSE’S series by Milbon. There’s 4 steps in this salon treatment system to improve the quality of  my hair without a greasy feel. Start by using Step 1 to bond the cuticle which allows moisture to penetrate inside the hair better. Next,  is Step 2 to capture and maintained moisture in the hair. The ionic effect will provide intense moisturization to damage hair (especially the hair ends). Final Step 3 helps to coat and increase the smoothness of my hair surface. Step 4 is after home treatment care ya 😀

Each step only takes 10 -15 minutes. I certainly enjoyed every moment for there’s a pleasant aroma surrounding me all the time. Why? DEESSE’S series by Milbon contains fruity and flora elements scent. It makes me feel so comfortable that I almost fell asleep. After washing my hair, I had a quick touch and feel. I was certainly amazed with the instant silkiness of my hair.

Last but not least, let’s snip those damaged dry hair away! Did I loved my new hair colour, cut and treatment? Of course I did! My hair was super silky to touch. Not to mentioned, shiny, smooth and pliable as well. Loved HOW my hair looks so much healthier than before!

OMG…my hair is glossy again!

Check out the below comparison picture (before and after) below:

A month after my hair color has washed off, it reveals a more brilliant shade of red with slight tinge of ash green.

Falling in love with the deep red hue with a tinge of ash green

If you’ve never tried Milbon before, go ahead and check it out. For those who are interested in scalp treatment, you can try Code 96 Hair Spa & Studio services as its really affordable.Till then, keep you posted on my next salon review 😀

Code 96 Hair Spa & Studio
No. 7, Jalan Temenggung 9/9
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200, Cheras
+603-9011 7339
 Code 96 Hair Spa & Studio

Operation Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 11am – 8pm
Closed on public holiday

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