Beauty Inside Out with Nature’s Bounty at Watsons

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Every woman I’ve known takes a huge effort to ensure their appearance stay young and beautiful/ Why? It’s simple for a beautiful appearance creates a long lasting impression on people. Knowing that, I take extra effort to care for my skin and enhance my overall looks with the wonders of cosmetics.

However, upon pondering about it, beauty is not only skin deep. It resonates from your health as well. When you care for your body from the inside, it reflects onto the skin. Look at all those glossy celebrities pictures we’ve seen, I’m sure they put more than a 100% effort to ensure they look fit and ageless. At the launch of Nature’s Bounty, we learned the importance of proper nutrition to keep our body healthy.

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Many, millennials including myself does not understand the importance of proper nutrition which can really help to enhance our inner beauty. We have the tendency not to take proper meals and stay up till wee hours of the morning. When we are young, we can effort it. However, as we begun to age the symptoms begun to show on our skin. Hence, one should really start young to care for their health. How? By keeping a balance diet combine with proper intake of nutrients. At Nature’s Bounty, they believe beauty is from the inside out. A glowing skin coupled with inner radiance, can make one look and feels fabulous!

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A reputable premium vitamin and supplement brand of more than 40-years of reputation, Nature’s Bounty is well known by consumers worldwide for its quality, innovation, selection and value. The products are manufactured in USA with comprehensive testing of ingredients. More than 100 quality checks are conducted throughout the process to ensure products maintain at the best of quality.

Here are the range of Nature’s Bounty supplements available in Malaysia:

One of the best sellers in their vitamin range is Ester C. Nature’s Bounty Ester C is a unique patented form of Vitamin C that readily absorbs with long lasting effects to ensure what is taken is optimized in your body. The proprietary formulation ensures prompt delivery and superior bioavailability as compared to regular C . It’s gentle on the stomach as it is non-acidic (meaning it has a neutral PH). It’s a great way to kick start your body health’s with a dose of this Vit C!

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Apart from boosting your inner health with Vitamin C, we learned that a proper nutrition also consists of the below:

  • Five colours a day
  • Opt for whole grain
  • Go for fresh food
  • Shape your plate with the right food proportions
  • Drink lots of water

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We had tons of fun participating in contest and creating our DIY granola cup too. Congratulations to all the contest winners!

It was certainly an insightful day for me. Good new peeps, Nature’s Bounty is now available exclusively at Watsons Malaysia.

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