Bejewelled Eyes with Lacelle™ Jewel

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Let your eyes do the talking’, with Lacelle™ Jewel this is definitely possible. Recently, I attended an event held by Bausch + Lomb at Sunway Pyramid where they launched Lacelle™ Jewel, a monthly disposable coloured contact lens.

My free pair trial – Sapphire Blue

What’s unique about Lacelle™ Jewel?

  • Unique lens design with centre thickness of 0.078mm to provide great comfort to the contact lens wearer.
  • Lens material with a water content of 38% minimizes protein uptake from our tears for hygienic and ease of lens wearing.
  • Unique and colourful jewel patterns that darkens and enlarges the iris to portray naturally coloured and bigger eyes.

Available in 7 colours to match any outfit as well as enhance our looks with radiant sparkling and dazzling eyes.

  1. Melanite Black – Achieve the demure look of a temptress- modest and yet sophisticated.
  2. Topaz Brown – Friendly and approachable look with a natural sparkle.
  3.  Crystal Gray – Dramatic and lively it gives a mysterious vibe
  4. Amber Brown – Stylish and classy shimmer and look down-to-earth
  5. Amethyst Violet – Playful and feisty it gives an extravagant impression.
  6. Sapphire Blue – Exhibits confidence and tranquillity and looks bolder.
  7. Peridot Green – Look rejuvenated with this shimmer.
B&L Lacelle Jewel_1190
Speech by – Jake Kim, Managing Director of Bausch + Lomb, Singapore & Malaysia.

The event kick start with opening speech by Jake Kim, Managing Director of Bausch + Lomb, Singapore & Malaysia. Among the massive crowd, I spotted several local celebrities as well. We were entertained with several wonderful performance from hip hop dancing,  fashion runway, singing and lots more. First, was the opening hip hop dancing performance by Soul Krazy, take a look at the video below:

Powerful opening dance performace by #soulkrazy at #bauschandlomb

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Next, fashion runaway with Amber Chia and models in Lacelle™ Jewel in different outfits.

We were then serenaded by Atikah Suhaime and internet sensation You Tuber Joyce Chu. In collaboration with Bausch + Lomb for a good charity cause, Joyce Chu performed the Bausch + Lomb eye exercise with the enormous crowd on the spot.

B&L Lacelle Jewel_1449
Atikah Suhaime & Joyce Chu

Lacelle™ Jewel contact lenses retails at RM68 per box and is available at all major optical dealers. It is also a new line extension to the current Lacelle™ and Lacelle™ Colours.

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