Brunching at Coffee Me Darling

Nestle in the busy streets of SS2, I saw this attractive café signboard Coffee Me Darling which got me intrigued to check it out. Stepping on the threshold of the café, you’ll see high stool bars area and a little aquarium at the corner which is rather charming. Upon, entering Coffee Me Darling be prepared to be enthralled with the assorted colourful cushions and basked in yellow lights that creates a comfortable and relaxing ambience. Chatting with owner, Mr. Alex reveals that the concept of the café is to provide a warm and homely feeling to encouraged customers to bring their loved ones for a visit.

We started with some signature coffee drinks such as Café Latte, Cappuccino (Doughnut Dome) and Tau Fu Fa Coffee. For me the ‘MUST TRY’ would be Cappuccino (Doughnut Dome) for its sweet and fragrant coffee aroma and Tau Fu Fa Coffee which is really unique and tasted like affogato soyabean.


It was a hot day, thus we ordered their speciality ice-blended drinks as well. We were served the top two signature ice-blended namely Kiwi Green Apple Slush and Wensberry Bliss. The mix of kiwi and apple in Kiwi Green Apple Slush which creates a tangy and sour taste will definitely perk you up, while  Wensberry Bliss full with sweet strawberry goodness will keep you asking for more. Both of this was equivalently good and it’s a ‘MUST TRY’!


Our first dish to arrive was Coffee Me Darling signature Big Breakfast served with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, hash browns, smoked salmon, fresh vegetables and toasted croissant. Overall, the dish was average however the one thing that stood out was the croissant which was buttery and soft. You can also opt for other choices such as poached / sunny side up eggs, Vienna sausage, turkey ham or beef bacon.

Big Breakfast
Big Breakfast – RM21.90

The next dish was another signature known as Ikan Percik with Lemongrass and pilaf rice. I loved this dish as they’re using Tilapia Fish which tends to have a muddy smell after taste. However, with this dish the taste is just perfect – the fish was fresh and the percik sauce makes it more tantalizing. Definitely a ‘Must Try’ for me.

Ikan Percik with Lemongrass and pilaf rice
Ikan Percik with Lemongrass and pilaf rice – RM22.90

Following dish was the house favourite – Grilled Chicken with oregano Mushroom Sauce. Chicken was perfectly grilled and tender however the sauce is rather bland. There will be an improvised version coming soon, so keep a look out for it.

Grilled Chicken with oregano Mushroom Sauce
Grilled Chicken with oregano Mushroom Sauce – RM21.90

As usual, I ended my meal with desserts. We were given Smores Dip and Passion Lemon Cheesecake. Smores Dips is their signature dessert – served in a bowl of sinfully melted chocolate at the bottom with toppings of roasted marshmallows and chocolate chip bits. Paired with blueberries, strawberries, cream and Marie biscuits for you to dip in. The dish taste was well balance  neither too sweet or chocolaty. The Passion Lemon Cheesecake with its zesty lemon punch is a also winner too.


It was an enjoyable meal with great ambience for me to hang out with my friends. If you’re ever in the area , feel free to swing by for a taste as  Coffee Me Darling opens early in the morning till late midnight!

Coffee Me Darling
No.153, Jalan SS2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Mr. Alex
+60 17-377 6101
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: CoffeeMeDarling

Operation Hours:
8am –12pm
8am –1am

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