Café Hopping At New Chapter by The Owls Café

New Chapter by The Owls Cafe (Main Pic)

A couple of weeks ago, I went café hopping with my friends at New Chapter by The Owls Café housed in the Calvary Convention Centre located at Bukit Jalil. The exterior of the café boasts great white panel glasses where customers can relax and sip a cuppa whilst enjoying the the green scenery outside.

The cafe interior features wooden white furniture complemented by pattern carpets, greenery pottery, classic tiles and definitely cute owl miniatures.

As the weather was really hot, we ordered some drinks to quench our thirst such as Flat White and Infused Water. The Infused Water are seasonal thus you’ll have to check out the chiller to see which types are available. For me, I selected strawberries mix with blueberries and basil leaf which was really refreshing. While my friend opted for the Flat White.

New Chapter dishes features quite a few contemporary fusion mix which is notable in their pastas. As there were a few of us, we placed orders for some of the recommended pasta dishes.

Mushroom Carbonara - New Chapter
Mushroom Carbonara – RM18

This is one of the most classic dish that contains egg yolks and parmesan cheese mix together with Trio mushrooms such as mini king mushroom, Shitake Mushroom and Button Mushroom. Perfectly al-dente spaghetti with creamy milky texture was certainly delicious. A ‘Must Try’ dish!

Creamy Seafood Pasta- New Chapter
Creamy Seafood Pasta- RM21

A fusion pasta dish featuring seafood with sunny side up egg in curry. You can opt for either a mild or spicy taste. Fresh seafood perfectly cooked mix with curry creamy pasta is recommended to be taken whilst it’s hot. Otherwise, the taste might be a little too overwhelming.

Aglio Olio Seabass - New Chapter
Aglio Olio Seabass – RM25

One of my favourite pasta for the day tossed in oil and garlic flakes served with pan-seared to perfection seabass fillet and infused with local salsa. This is truly an appetizing pasta with savoury flavours bursting in our palate. However, on that day it was a tad too salty. Still, I would recommend you to try this.

Aglio Olio Smoked Duck - New Chapter
Aglio Olio Smoked Duck- RM21

This is voted my favourite pasta dish for I love smoked duck. Perfectly cooked pasta tossed with olive oil & basil leaf, garlic, bell peppers, sundried tomatoes and caramelized smoked duck. The smoked duck was really tantalizing and the tinge of sweetness from the caramel sauce topped with al-dente pasta was absolutely perfect. Definitely a ‘Must Try’ dish here!

We noticed that almost every table in the New Chapter café ordered a waffle and guess it was their bestseller and quickly placed orders for Rebecca and David (two of the bestselling waffles in the cafe).

Rebecca – RM18
Rebecca – RM18

Fluffy crispy waffles filled with strawberries, blueberries and bananas. Topped with homemade Earl Grey ice cream and sprinkle with almond flakes and coconut flakes with light dose of maple syrup was really delicious. The homemade Eary Grey ice cream just got me begging for more. Definitely ‘Must Try’!

David- New Chapter
David – RM18

Fluffy battered waffles filled with generous amount of bananas and topped with homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Sprinkle with almond flakes, coconut flakes and toasted coconut flakes is also tasty as well. The peanut butter cream was put on the side as some customers prefer having the waffles without it. Another ‘Must Try’ dish here!

New Chapter by The Owls Café is certainly a great place to sip your coffee. This café is full most of the time thus do come earlier to avoid the lunch crowd traffic. I would certainly returned again for their delicious waffles with my family next round.

New Chapter by The Owls Cafe
No.1, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1,
Taman Teknologi Malaysia
57100, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur
Facebook: New Chapter by The Owls Cafe

Operations Hours:
Mon- Sat : 10am – 7pm
Sun : 11am – 7pm

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