Cashback and Save More at Octaplus

Raise your hands up if you love to shop online and earn some cashback while you’re at it! Online shopping is one of my favorite activities. Firstly, it’s convenient and secondly the discounts are superb.

What’s Cash Back?

By now, you might be wondering what’s Cashback. It’s really simple Cashback actually means ‘getting cash back’. While enjoying your shopping with the promo deals, you’ll also get to earn money too!

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The wonders of Octaplus

With the recent boom in online shopping, it’s tough to keep track which sites are offering the best deals. Thus, today I’m going to introduce Octaplus. Octaplus is a shopping guide that comes with loads of benefits for the users. You can get cashback for purchases, find some of the best ongoing deals on the web and also take a look at reviews of products and services by other users.

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This website even offers you a chance to redeem great prizes! Most importantly, Octaplus gives you the chance to earn cashback while you spend! Sounds awesome right *wink*

Check out the video to see how cashback works at Octaplus below:

Steps to activating and earning cash bask in Octaplus

Let me show you how it works. To kick start, I registered and created a brand-new account at Octaplus site . I received an email notification to verity my account and bingo its done. Log into the site to customize my profile.

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Boy… was I surprised to see a 600 points rewards in my account for registering. With enough points, I can redeem many products ranging from gift vouchers to Iflix under the ‘Rewards’ column.

Octaplus 10

Now, that I have set up my account, it’s time for me to start shopping! Remember earlier I mentioned Octacplus allows you to compare deals against other shopping sites? Go to the ‘Cashback Stores’ and click ‘View Stores’ . A list of available merchants with Octaplus will pop up.

Octaplus 10

I am looking to purchase a cake for my son’s birthday. Hence, selected ‘Food’ category and all available merchants will appear. Voila…found Cat & the Fiddle which offers 5% cashback!

Octaplus 10

After clicking onto Cat & the Fiddle, it leads to T&C and the percentage % of cashback is once again stated. Vet thru all the information before clicking onto ‘Activate Cashback’.

Octaplus 10

A pop up box will appear and this will lead me to Cat & the Fiddle page to order my cake.

Octaplus 10

There, I have landed in Cat & the Fiddle site to continue my shopping. Once, I’m done and have made payment, the amount will be automatically credited into my Octaplus cashback account.

Octaplus 10

Psst…It generally takes up to 48 hours for your cashback amount to be tracked into your Octaplus account.  You will receive an email notifying you of successfully tracked cashbacks.

Downloading Octaplus

If you want to be a smart shopper like me, head over to register your account at . Octaplus is also available on mobile version at

Let’s quickly register at Octaplus to start earning Cashback today!

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