Celebrating Christmas with Innovative Gifts from Infinitylab

Christmas is a timeless occasion filled with joy and happiness. With such a merry celebration just around the corner, the thought of it does give us pause. This year, perhaps we could bless our loved ones with an unforgettable Christmas, rendered special by the infinite innovation of InfinityLab.

Gifts that keep you close to their hearts

Children, teenagers and adults alike have come to see the handphone as an indispensable device in their lives. Regardless of its usefulness, we can all attest that the advancement of technology has yet to solve the prime problem, which is battery consumption. 

Imagine your loved ones unwrapping an InstantGo 10000 wireless charger under the Christmas tree. It fits right into the palm of their hands and comfortably too. Watch as their eyes light up with awe as the InstantGo 10000 wireless charger with its capacity of 10W of Qi quickly channels power into their energy-starved devices with the unique Power Delivery 3.0 feature.

InstantGo wireless 10000.

Being a one-of-a-kind charger, the InstantGo 1000 wireless charger instantly sets itself apart from the generic chargers by eliminating those wires that oftentimes form a tangled mess. Built for style and functionality, its slim build allows it to nestle so snugly in your pocket. 

Since it is manufactured in neutral black and white or rich blue, your fashionable teens will certainly appreciate the fact that they could now rock their latest apparel with a charger that puts other chargers to shame. Even better, the InstantGo 10000 wireless charger comes with an auto-protect function that allows it to safely charge up to three devices at a time. 

The smart passthrough function also allows you to charge your phone and power bank at the same time with just a single electrical outlet. All these wonderful attributes are bound to put a wide smile on their faces. 

Long-distance relationship is no longer a problem

Grandpa and grandma might not be in their physical prime to travel for Christmas. Or you may have a relative or two who decided to go on their second honeymoon instead of sharing a plump turkey with you at the dinner table.

But fret not, because with technology in our hands, or more specifically, the ClearCall portable USB and Bluetooth speakerphone, distance will not dampen our love and affection.

Crystal-clear hands-free communication provided by the ClearCall makes it feel as though your loved ones are speaking right in front of you. The echo and noise-cancelling tech incorporated into the ClearCall clear all distractions. And what’s more, you can speak freely too, since the 360-degree microphone technology allows you to be heard from anywhere in the room.

ClearCall Portable USB and Bluetooth speakerphone.

Sometimes, your technology-illiterate yet adorable grandparents need to summon you into their room too. InfinityLab understands this issue, hence, the setup is made simple where they only need to plug the ClearCall into a USB port. Bluetooth 5.0 wireless streaming also seamlessly connects the ClearCall to a smartphone, laptop or both.

Note that it is compatible with a wide variety of conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webes, Facetime, Google Hangouts and more. There is a lot of catching up to be done during Christmas and the ClearCall gives you exactly that with up to 24 hours of talk time. That is about a whole day of hands-free calls. 

Celebrating Christmas with a conscience

The true essence of Christmas and all the happiness that comes along it can only be justified when our actions take into account the environment and all the voiceless stakeholders. Hence sustainability has always been at the core of InfinityLab’s product, from the design, production and even to the delivery stage.

First and foremost, all InfinityLab products are eco-friendly, being composed of 90% recycled plastics. Not only do they come in plastic-free, right-sized packaging, but all the papers used are also FSC-certified and printed with soy ink. 

In a nutshell, the products of InfinityLab are easily identifiable through their exceedingly novel and unique characteristics, a manifestation of the four virtues—functional, fashionable, efficient and sustainable. Undeniably, those who purchase the products of InfinityLab incidentally subscribe to these tried-and-true values. 

Check out InfinityLab official stores on Lazada and Shopee. For more information on InfinityLab, please visit here.

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