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Living in a fast paced environment, all of us would like to be healthier, look better and live well both physically and spiritually. Don’t we wish we have a day dedicated to living well? If you’re unaware, there’s a special day dedicated to celebrate the dream of living well and its known as Global Wellness Day. This day falls on the second week of June (to be exact 9th June) and is celebrated among all countries.

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Embracing the concept of living well, I’m delighted to be invited to an exclusive ‘Global Wellness Day’ session at Mandara Spa. The aim of the event is to raise awareness about living well and increase motivation; not just for a day but for the remaining 364 days of the year! It’s a day of reflection as we recognize the value of our lives, to take a step back and think. How we should free ourselves from the stress of everyday city life and bad habits.

Understanding our needs to make peace with ourselves and de-stress, Mandara Spa has lined up some exciting activities for us. We kick start with a session of yoga with stretches and poses to reconnect with our inner self. Followed by a re energized Ra Ma Da Sa chant to clear our minds and realign ourselves to the roots of earth.

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After this light exercise session, we continue with shoulder and hand massages. It was so good that I was tempted to asked for extended minutes *lolx*

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We also enjoyed some light healthy refreshments such as fruits, herbs infused drinks to name a few.  Whilst having our refreshments, we learned about the difference of scrubs available in Mandara Spa such as Coffee Scrub, Javanese Lulur and Balinese Boreh. Each scrubs have its own unique element.

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If you would like to improve blood circulation, then coffee scrub is the perfect fit. While, Javanese Lulur is more to stimulate skin cell regeneration. Lastly, Balinese Boreh is to heal and revived the body. All of the scrubs, will leave your skin feeling smooth and glowing! I would opt for the Coffee Scrub as the aroma is more pleasing to my nostrils *wink*

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We ended the day with a Balinese massage to relieve our tense muscles. I enjoyed every single moment of the ‘Global Wellness Day’ at Mandara Spa. It was truly a day well spent!

Thanks to Mandara Spa for the special invitation!

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