Easy Meals With Thermomix® Cookbook Launch In A Joint Event With Ruyi & Lyn.

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I’m pretty sure all the chef in town have heard or been using the super convenient kitchen appliance Thermomix® . However, if you’re a noob at cooking just like me, you might fine using Thermomix® at home a bit daunting.

Well, god must have heard our prayers for now we can cook like a chef at home. Thanks to the launching of Thermomix® Easy Meals for the Family cookbook! I was recently invited to attend the cookbook launching at Ruyi & Lyn. At the joint event, we witnessed the special showcase of Thermomix® for home and commercial cooking by Ruyi & Lyn’s executive chef, Chef James Ho’s. During the showcase, we also get to enjoyed 6 exquisite fine dining course.

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Here’s a quick backgrounder on Thermomix®.  It’s well-known for its leading innovation and engineering excellence in kitchen technology for over 50 years. The brand’s mission is to enable effortless home cooking for Malaysians. A multifunctional kitchen appliance, combining more than 12 kitchen appliance into one. It helps users to save time, money, food preparation and cooking effort in the kitchen. Hence, making a meal is convenient and quick for busy families.

Thermomix® Easy Meals for the Family cookbook was developed with author Theresa Lee. It’s the first ever Thermomix® cookbook which includes step-by-step pictorial guide and handy hints for cooking and plating for more challenging recipes. Some notable recipes include cute animal buns, dim sum style egg tarts, teriyaki chicken rice balls, salted chicken and many more.

Fret not, the cookbook also features a collection of round-the-clock meals for the family, to ensure readers can produce taste and look-alike professional restaurant dishes at home with Thermomix®.

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Author, Theresa Lee, a full-time business owner and mother of three children shares “As a daily home chef, I need to have enough recipes in my repertoire to deliver interesting and tasty dishes on my dining table. Eating our meals together keeps my family bonded and allow me to ensure my children meets their nutritional needs for healthy growth and development. Thermomix® Easy Meals for the Family, compiles my family’s favorite dishes together.

Through this book, I am sharing with the Thermomix® community the steps and tips to get these dishes done beautifully without breaking into a sweat”. If you’re not aware, Theresa Lee is well known amongst home cooks and conducts regular cooking and baking classes. Apart from that, she’s also one of Malaysia’s top Thermomix® consultants.

“The tips and pictorial guides in the book will empower every time-starved mom like Theresa, make meal-time dishes tasty and beautifully styled using their Thermomix®. This cookbook offers the global Thermomix® community a taste of traditional Teochew food too.” Said JC Lim, Executive Director of Thermomix® Malaysia.

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In the event, Chef James and Theresa jointly demonstrated the dishes served in the specially crafted 6 course menu to showcase how this wonderful Thermomix® can be used in a large format restaurant like Ruyi & Lyn to serve hundreds.

Don’t you think our dishes looks amazing *wink*!

For those who are interested to know more about Thermomix®, please visit  https://www.facebook.com/ThermomixMalaysia


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To my readers and friends who are keen to know about Thermomix®, please use this code CAROLTM and fill up this form https://bit.ly/2kVwo7W  for an exclusive cooking experience with Theresa Lee to learn the dishes from the Thermomix®Easy Meals for the Family cookbook worth RM200!

Thermomix® Easy Meals for the Family cookbook published by True Mix Sdn Bhd (Thermomix® Malaysia), priced at RM 160.  It is available online at https://thermomix.com.my

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