Celebrating My Son Kenson 1 Year Old Milestone

The time has arrived to plan a birthday bash for my younger son Kenson’s 1 year old milestone. My initial thought was to do a simple celebration with close friends and families. However, as it comes nearer to the actual birthday date I started to play with ideas to create a memorable birthday bash.

Happy Grandparents

Now, I’m not a believer of spending too much moolah on a birthday bash especially on special and unique party theme. However, I finally caved in after seeing all the gorgeous party theme celebration going around among my friend’s kids. It wouldn’t be a problem to do it except my son’s birthday was two weeks away and I was feeling panicky. Luckily my years of experience in handling crisis and events kick in; I quickly started sourcing online and asking friends on recommendation for party planner, catering, renting canopy & etc.

Kenson 1 year old party display

Finally, after few days of inquiring around, I found myself a party planner to create a unique party theme for Kenson’s birthday party. After much discussion, we settle on using Stars & Moon in orange/blue color tone theme. She even provided me with a backdrop to use as photobooth (note: I’m not allowed to stick anything on the wall as my sister is totally against the idea). Frankly speaking, I’m quite amazed that she can pull it off at such a short notice. When my friends and families arrived and saw the display they were equally impressed as well.

Kenson Birthday Bash
Main attraction – the party table 

The display was the main attraction of the night as families and friends que to take pictures with it. Check out the below pictures- the cake, props, goodie bags, tarts, pudding, cookies are all baked by her.  If you’re interested to seek her party plannning services, Ms. Eunice Lo can be contacted at  Ellise Fine Bakery . A million thanks to her, my family’members and friends for attending my son’s birthday bash.

Last but not least, thanks to these little kiddos for making it so much more fun. Without them the party might be boring as the parents are too old for this kinda party 😛

Kenson Bday Party 1

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