Channel Your Inner self with Scents of Life Fragrance Collection from The Body Shop

The Body Shop - Fragrances MP

Whenever I need a mood booster, do you know what I will do? I will spritz myself with my favorite fragrance. It has the ability to change my mood turning an unhappy day to a happy one (if you get my drift). Now, we can create our very own scent that uniquely express ourselves with the latest Scents of Life Fragrance Collection by The Body Shop.

The Body Shop’s Scents of Life fragrance range consists of 5 different scents in the format of Perfume OilEau De Toilette and Body Mist. In total, there are 15 type of scents available for you to mix and match to create your own bespoke fragrance! Are you ready for a journey of exploration to create your unique infinite of scents?

5 Powerful & Potent Essences

The Body Shop - Fragrances MP

5 Sophisticated & Long Lasting Fragrances

The Body Shop - Fragrances MP 

5 Fresh & Uplifting Spritzes

The Body Shop - Fragrances MP

At the launched held at GMBB, we learned more about the collection from guest speaker, Roger Schmid (Group Advisor on Innovation). He shared his experience about the fragrance industry and how Scents of Life was created. We were given a brief session on techniques of layering the fragrances to create a unique blend that expresses ourselves. All of us had a go, creating our own bespoke fragrances. It was fun experimenting with those gorgeous scents!

We also had the chance to explore new cosmetics range from The Body Shop. Namely ‘Happy Go Lash’ mascara and ‘Own Your Naturals’ eyeshadow palette.

Be an explorer today, head over to The Body Shop and create your own signature fragrance with Scents of Life Fragrance Collection.

The Body Shop - Fragrances MP

More information, please visit The Body Shop’s Website and Facebook Page

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