Doutor Coffee Summer New Menu Delights!


Summer is here and I’ve got ton of new yummylicious food to introduce to you. Today, I’m going to share my thoughts on Doutor Coffee New Menu. Are you ready to join me for a Japanese Fusion journey? This summer Doutor Coffee has a variety of new dishes to introduce to foodies in town. From beverages to mains and desserts, Doutor Coffee has something for everyone. Let’s check out what’s in store!


Honey Comb Ice Coffee with Ice Cream & Peanut Butter Chocolate – RM13.90 (Regular) / RM15.90 (Large)

Doutor Coffee
L to R: Peanut Butter Chocolate & Honey Comb Ice Coffee with Ice Cream

Quench your thirst with these awesome new drinks from Doutor Coffee. You can opt for the sweet Honey Comb Ice Coffee with Ice Cream or the scrumptious Peanut Butter Chocolate.


Doutor Spaghetti – RM16.90

Doutor Coffee

Al dente spaghetti filled with generous slices of chicken bacon, shimeiji mushroom, tomato and lettuce. The spaghetti is drizzled with a healthy dose of Japanese soy sauce to bring out the extra flavours. Topped with onsen egg and sprinkle with sesame.

Chicken Bacon Carbonara Spaghetti – RM16.90

Doutor Coffee

This is a dish that kids and adults alike would love. We’ve got slices of chicken bacon with al dente spaghetti served in cream sauce. It’s topped with an onsen egg, parmesan cheese. For extra taste, it’s added with black pepper and parsley too.

Chicken Bacon Tomato Cream Spaghetti – RM16.90

Doutor Coffee

For those who love a zesty touch, this is the dish for you. Imagine chicken bacon with spaghetti served in creamy tomato sauce. Topped with an onsen egg, parmesan cheese, black pepper and parsley is just perfect!

Stamina Curry Rice – RM14.90

Doutor Coffee

A plate of rice topped with dry curry mince chicken with onions, lettuce and cherry tomato. The light and yet flavoursome curry will surely get you asking for more.

Stamina Tomato Rice – RM14.90

Doutor Coffee

My top favourite for the night is this dish. A gorgeous plate of rice filled with tasty mince chicken, onion, lettuce and tomato. The best part is the perfectly boiled onsen egg. Comes highly recommended!

Tomato Cream Egg Rice – RM19.90

Doutor Coffee

Got to say this is perhaps the tomato lovers zone. We’ve got chicken bacon, shimeiji mushroom,  parmesan cheese and parsley paired with zesty sautéed tomato rice. Topped with omelette, lettuce and cherry tomato. Another highly recommended dish!


Original French Toast  (RM14.90) & Strawberry French Toast (RM15.90)

Doutor Coffee has introduced a series of French Toast this summer. For those who prefer the original touch, try Original French Toast served with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream . For fruity lovers like me, I vouched for Strawberry French Toast with strawberry syrup and vanilla ice cream. Both toast are equally delectable and fluffy!

Doutor Coffee

There’s been a lot of improvement and heart put into creating these new dishes. It’s definitely worth a try! The new menu is only available at all Doutor Coffee, except Sunway Velocity Mall. For more information, please visit  Doutor Coffee’s Facebook Page

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