Drooling For Garage 51 x Mister Potato Craze

I love potato chips and boy was I ecstatic to hear Garage 51 is launching a new set of menu featuring my favourite snacks. This month, potato chip lovers stand to rejoice for Garage 51 collaborates with Mister Potato to dish out various yummy food featuring Mister Potato’s Sweet Potato Crisp on the side.

Mister Potato’s Sweet Potato Crisp with Tomato Salsa and Garage Dip – RM13.

An innovative dish from the conventional nachos with tomato salsa. A highly addictive dish that got me munching nonstop.

Chicken Breast Burger with Mister Potato Sweet Potato Crisps – RM23

Crisp on the outside and tender inside. This juicy burger sandwich between charcoal buns is simply irresistible.

Butter Chicken Burger with Mister Potato Sweet Potato Crisps – RM18

Another burger served to perfection. Those sweet potato chips is certainly delish to munch on.

Smoked Duck Burger with Mister Potato Sweet Potato Crisps – RM26

Impressive is the word for those juicy duck patty is a mouthful to eat. Love the cheesy topping whilst sweet potato crisp as side dish balance it out.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich – RM23.

For fish lovers and those watching your calories, these salmon sandwich is the bomb. Thickly sliced fresh salmon with sour cream makes this an enjoyable dish.

Garage 51 Mister Potato Pancake with Maple Syrup- RM17

Pancake lovers will jump for joy. This beautifully plated pancake is topped with popcorns, fresh strawberries and drizzled with maple syrup. Best part there’s crisp bacon slices sandwich in it. Plus it’s topped with vanilla ice cream. A good balance of sweet and savoury

Garage 51 Mister Potato Pancake with Nutella (RM17)

This is my favourite from the entire menu. Why? It’s because I’ve sweet tooth and I’m quite blown away with the amazing flavours. We’ve got popcorns, fresh strawberries and delicious Nutella paired with fluffy pancakes. Furthermore, there’s a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top!

I’ve also ordered some the speciality drinks at Garage 51 such as Mochatella & The Nephew milkshake (Cookies and Cream).

Head over to Garage 51 and give the Mister Potato menu a try. It’s available for a limited period only, so don’t miss it!

Garage 51 by Coffee Societe
51, Jalan PJS 11/9, 51, 
Bandar Sunway,
50450, Kuala Lumpur
+603- 5612 5618

Operations Hour:
Daily: 11am – 11pm

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