Du Viet : Voted Top 1 Vietnamese Restaurant in KL and Selangor By TallyPress!

Du Viet

Unbeknown to most of you, I’m actually a huge fan of Vietnamese cuisine. Do you want to take a guess which is my favourite Vietnamese restaurant? It’s Du Viet, one of the early pioneers in town. Since 2002, Du Viet which also means ‘Do Vietnamese’ has been serving amazing Vietnamese dishes to cater to Malaysian’s taste bud.

In Du Viet, you’ll able to enjoy a wide spread of pork-free and great quality Vietnamese cuisine using traditional recipes originated from Hue, Central Vietnam. Apart from that, the restaurant dishes does not contain any MSG or preservatives, thus you’re assure of healthy meals all the time.

Du Viet

I’m so happy that my favourite restaurant was voted Top 1 Vietnamese Restaurant in KL and Selangor in a survey done by TallyPress.com. To celebrate the occasion, voters and supporters were invited to an appreciation night!

“Ha-Ha” Lou Sang (Vietnamese Style Prosperity Toss)

Du Viet

As Chinese New Year is around the corner, Du Viet Comes presents their Vietnamese style prosperity toast. It comes in 12 different ingredients and 4 delicious sauces. The ingredients and sauces symbolises 12 months and 4 seasons of prosperity this year! The 12 fresh ingredients are turnip, radish, pineapple, pomelo, bean sprout, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, cabbage, glass noodles, fresh prawns and herbs. While the 4 sauces are Spring (Fish and Lime), Summer (Plum), Autumn (Peanut) and Winter (Dry Roasted Condiments). It’s only available for a limited time till 28 February 2018!

Hanoi-style Mixed Beef Noodles (“Pho Bo Dac Biet”)

Du Viet

When dining at Du Viet, you MUST definitely order their signature pho. Using imported tenderloin of beef fillet, tendon, beef balls, and stewed beef brisket in clear soup. This uniqueness lies in the broth which was cooked for over 8-12 hours. Hence, the light and clear broth is extremely delicious and carries a touch of homeliness to it.

Hanoi-style Beef and Chicken Dry Noodles

Du Viet

Another great sample dish to have is the BBQ beef and chicken fillet in homemade peanut and fish sauce dressing. Served with a healthy dose of rice vermicelli salad and fresh vegetables.

Stewed Beef Brisket with White Radish

Du Viet

If you love juicy tender stewed beef, then this is the one for you. Perfect to go with a piping bowl of hot white rice.

Assorted Spring and Summer Combo Rolls Delite (4 rolls)

Du Viet

Enjoy fresh rice paper rolls / fried spring rolls with prawns, grilled lemongrass chicken and beef.

Steamed Wrapped Rolls (2 rolls)

Du Viet

Vietnamese-style “Chee Cheong Fun” wrapped with shrimps, chicken and mushrooms. Served with bean sprout and fish sauce dips.

Vietnamese Drip Coffee (served with Condensed Milk.)

Du Viet

Last but not least, always end my meal with a fragrant glass of Vietnamese coffee.

I truly had a great time dining there that night. Next round visiting Du Viet, I’m bringing my family along *wink* For further information or latest updates, please visit Du Viet’s Website or Facebook Page

Du Viet’s Outlets:

Suria KLCC: LC 401, Level 4 (+603-2116 3630)
Sunway Pyramid: G1.45, Ground Floor (+603-7492 0018)
Damansara Uptown: 41A and 43A, 1st Floor, Uptown 37 (+603-7726 8101)

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