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Being a parent is not an easy task. We have the responsibilities to ensure our kids grow up well. Sometimes, we resort to using unorthodox methods to teach our kids. Using such forceful methods might not be the right way. I still recalled when I was young, my mom always repeats this mantra to me’Mommy knows best, just follow my way and it will never go wrong’.  However, in my mind I thought ‘why can’t she listen to me’?

Now, I’m a parent of two little active boys and I’m exploring the method of ‘natural parenting’. This is an interesting subject I came across while googling and chanced upon Friso Gold’s Website  . What does ‘natural parenting’ means? There’s no specific definition of ‘natural parenting’. Each parent has their own interpretation and understanding on how to bring up children naturally using their own method. However, natural parenting are usually equate with bonding time between you and your child. It’s a special time with your child filled with joy, inspirations, shared experiences , shared discoveries as well as self-discovery.

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Here’s where Friso Gold, encouraged us to embraced the ‘natural parenting’ concept, whereby both parent and child can grow together. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on my first journey together with my kids on natural parenting.

For my first journey, I decided to bring both of my boys into the kitchen to create their own pancake. The boys have never been in the kitchen before and was pretty excited with the idea. I bought ingredients such as strawberries, bananas, honey, egg and pre-mix pancake batter.

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I read the instructions to my boys and let them do it their own way. By allowing them to take the lead, I saw their confidence growing by leaps and bounds. It was pretty fun to see them guiding mommy how to make a pancake.

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After we were done cooking our pancake, we allowed it to chill for a bit before decorating it. Again, I let my boys take the lead to decide how they want to decorate their pancake. It was really interesting to see their creativity burst forth. My younger son Kenson, was creating a bear design on his pancake, whilst Kenwyn (my elder boy) opted to decorate a heart shape on his.

Out of curiosity, I asked what’s their concept behind their design. Kenson shared ‘bear represents my favorite animal and reminds me of protective mommy’, while Kenwyn said ‘the heart shape, represents his love for mommy’. Aww….my heart melted upon hearing that.

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There you have it, my boys specially designed pancake. Decorated with healthy fruits such as bananas and strawberries.

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It was a truly fun experience to be able to shared the cooking journey with my cutie boys. Throughout, the entire process, we had a brilliant bonding time.  We  communicated and learned from one another rather than just always following my orders. Thru this experience, I saw my boys gaining more confidence and able to articulate better. Whilst, I learned to view things from their point of view. Such an amazing journey!

I can’t wait to explore other natural parenting ideas available on Friso Gold’s Website. If you’re keen to join in this wonderful journey, feel free to check our Friso Gold’s Website for information *wink*

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