Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ Introduces Two New Boosters!

Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence™

Does anyone still recalled the story I shared about Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ “Augmented Beauty”? . The “Augmented Beauty” series  features colourful boosters for specific skin repairs (radiance, reduce lines, refine pores, reduce pigmentations) that can be mixed-in with the Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence™  Recovery Serum.  The concept of ‘Augmented Beauty’ is translated by the Boosters providing augmented (increased) results and benefits when mixed together with your usual serum or moisturiser.

In less than a year to today, after the launch of the Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ “Augmented Beauty”, the Swissline research and development team has readied another two new boosters to join the arsenal of customizable skincare. Let the drums roll as we introduced the two new booster 😀

Youth Booster – Retinol + Retinyl Palmitate (RM408 – 20ml)

Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence™

Regain your youthful skin as the ‘Youth Booster’ features the all-time star ingredient against wrinkles and discoloration. Swissline’s exceptional anti-aging formula combines different forms of next-generation retinoids to restore damaged skin and to stimulate cellular rejuvenation.

The encapsulated pure retinol levels at its highest of 0.4% is able to withstand the tendency to trigger irritation and skin reactivity to other ingredients. It induces an increase in the skin’s own collagen content and promotes surface exfoliation, smoothing the skin’s texture, reducing pore sizes and fine lines and reverses signs of photo-aging at a superficial level with a soft peeling.

Eye Zone Booster – 2% Caffeine + Ceramides (RM358 – 15ml)

Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence™

Give your eyes a surge of refreshing delight with the ‘Eye Zone Booster’. The 2% targeted caffeine significantly increases drainage around the eye area while detoxing the delicate skin for a fresh-looking and rested look. As it penetrates deep into skin, it has a constricting effect over the capillaries, improving the look of congested and blotchy skin, and reducing local fat deposits and puffiness.

Whilst Ceramides helps to boost moisturizing action with anti-elastase and anti-collagenase properties to facilitate better skin cohesion as well as to restore and strengthen the intercellular function of the skin. This helps to smoothen the cutaneous superficial layer and reduce fine lines around the eyes.

With the new introduction of The Youth Booster and the Eye Zone Booster that joins Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ range of best-selling boosters, it completes the cycle of Augmented Beauty. The complete range of Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ boosters now include Radiant Booster, Source Booster, Perfection Booster, Evenness Booster, Youth Booster & Eye Zone Booster. In total we’ve got 6 boosters from this line.

Check out how you can mix & match with Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ range:

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