Exquisite Colourful Cuisines at Paradiso Cafe and Patisserie

I was jubilant to be invited to a private dining session with a couple of friends at Paradiso Café And Patisserie located at Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara. The café is operated by well-known Top Chef Azizan Shukri and his wife Chef Sue.  Chef Azizan speciality is Italian cuisine while his wife is well-known for her pastry skills. Both of them have more than 15 years of experience in the kitchen and will be bringing their expertise to Paradiso Café and Patisserie.

Let’s kick start with some drinks, some of the Quenchers we had included Cooler Paradiso (apple juice with green apple lychee blood orange and mint), Blue Lagoon, Bubble Gum (mango juice with peach lychee and green apply) and Sparkling Kiwi Granite (lime juice with kiwi lychee and green apple). All tasted great and refreshing, however my favourite would be Cooler Paradiso. Just a note that the drinks might be a tad too sweet and it’s very subjective to a person’s preference.

We started with appetizers and the first dish was Fruit Salad served with mesclum, honey vinaigrette, mustard and olive oil. Beautifully plated and adorned with colourful fruits and fresh vegetable that’s discerning on my taste bud; this is definitely a ‘Must Try’ dish.

Paradiso Cafe & Patisserie
Fruit Salad – RM32

Next, we had Prawn & Cocktail, a bowl of pouched prawn with chilly mayo and mesclum finishing was fresh and juicy. Dip the juicy prawns into the chilly mayo for that slight tinge of spiciness and that makes it perfect.

Prawn & Cocktail - Paradiso Cafe & Pattisserie
Prawn & Cocktail – RM28

Following, we had Mushroom Soup made from crunchy button mushroom with cepes and served in a crispy Charcoal Bread Bowl. This is such a refreshing twist and totally loved the idea of using bread as a bowl. The charcoal bread was crisp and as I delved deeper to take a spoon of soup together with the bread, it practically just melts in my mouth. Smooth and creamy mushroom soup mixed with soft bread are the best. Add a sprinkle for black pepper for the peppery taste, absolutely ‘Must Try’!

Mushroom Soup - Paradiso Cafe & Patisserie
Mushroom Soup – RM13

Finishing our soup, we proceeded to main course. First dish was the Spaghetti Duo Aglio Olio served in a mix of black and white pasta with seafood, olive and rocket salad. Such a tantalizing dish, spaghetti was al-dente and the Italian herbs used perfectly bring out the flavours. Definitely, a ‘Must Try’ dish.

Spaghetti Duo Aglio Olio - Paradiso Cafe & Pattisserie
Spaghetti Duo Aglio Olio – RM48

Next, we had Salmon Trout served with fresh salmon trout with lemon butter and dill herbs. Perfectly, pan- fried salmon and the dill herbs sauce certainly added extra flavours to the dish.

Salmon Trout - Paradiso Cafe & Pattisserie
Salmon Trout – RM48

We also had the Rack Of Lamb served with mint, capers, cream and pineapple tart. Grilled to perfection lamb which is juicy and succulent and pineapple tarts that’s so soft and sweet. Even if there’s no mint sauce dip, it tasted great. Definitely, a winner with me and I vote this dish a ‘Must Try’.

Rack of Lamb - Paradiso Cafe & Pattisserie
Rack of Lamb – RM60

We finished our meal with dessert and it was Chocolate Crunchy Mousse. Now, I’m not a fan of mousse so I was quite sceptical about it. However, taking a bite of it totally changed my mind. I couldn’t stop myself from digging into the sinfully decadent chocolate and if possible I would love a second helping. Absolutely, ‘Must Try’!

Chocolate Crunchy Mousse - Paradiso Cafe & Patisserie
Chocolate Crunchy Mousse – RM18

Diners should definitely try out Paradiso Café and Patisserie as Chef Azizan and wife Chef Sue definitely cook up wonderful delicious dishes and pastries. Take a closer look at the dishes and you’ll noticed that each of it has beautiful edible flowers adorning it. This is one of Chef Azizan’s signature to incorporate edible flowers that are visually captivating and deliciously good to eat. Another signature style by Chef Azizan is to put baby cucumber in some of his dishes as well. Should you be looking for something light, try out their Sega Fredo coffee and pastries. By the way, the café is also halal as well. Do give this café a try, if you’re nearby the area.

Beautiful company for the night
Beautiful company for the night, from (L): Bowie & Me (Top), Ella, Elana & Rane (Bottom)

Paradiso Cafe And Patisserie
D-GF-09, Block D, Sunway Nexis,
No.1, Jalan PJU5/1, Kota Damansara
48710,Petaling Jaya
+012-223 2777
 [email protected]
Facebook: Paradiso Cafe & Pattiserie Malaysia  

Operations Hours:
Sat- Thursday: 11pm- 11pm
Friday: 3pm – 11pm

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