Tantalizing Japanese Cuisine at Tsuki No Miyako

Uni Tofu Nabe - Tsuki No Miyako (Main)

Located at the back of The Cube, Puchong is an exquisite Japanese restaurant known as Tsuki No Miyako.  The restaurant started 4 months ago and is operated by a chef that has more than 18 years of experience. Serving refine Japanese cuisines, business is normally brisk during lunch and dinner hours. I was there recently with some of my besties for luncheon.

Arriving at the restaurant, I was quite surprised as it’s actually a 3 storey bungalow converted into a restaurant. Tsuki No Miyako provides a couple of beautiful scenery for photo opportunity, so feel free to snap away. This place is also disable and elderly friendly as they’ve installed ramps for convenience purposes. Plus, it comes together with a built in lift *awesome*. The restaurant interior is easy on the eyes using bamboo and wood with brown colour as the main theme. Occupying three floors the restaurant can hold more than 100 pax and also comes with private dining rooms should you prefer privacy.

We kick start our luncheon with salad Agejako To Mango No Salada which is deep fried whitebait mango salad. The salad is really appetizing as the mango has a tangy sweetness couple with slightly salty crunchy whitebait was perfectly well-balanced. We opted for Wafu sauce as dressing, however, in my opinion, we can actually skip the dressing as the salad tasted great on its own.

Agejako To Mango No Salada - TNM
Agejako To Mango No Salada – RM18

Next, was Uni Tofu Nabe – braised beancurd with sea urchin mayonnaise served in hot pot. Soft and smooth tofu braised in their unique sauce with a hint of salty sweetness certainly got me hook. Kids loved this dish too an absolutely ‘Must Try’ dish!

Uni Tofu Nabe - Tsuki No Miyako
Uni Tofu Nabe – RM18

Following dish was Udon Pasta –chewy pan-fried udon noodle with seaweed and diced tomato pasta with a tinge of spiciness tasted delicious. However, it might not be suitable for kids who can’t take spicy food. The spiciness is caused by a sprinkle of black pepper in the pasta.

Udon Pasta - TNM
Udon Pasta – RM16

We also ordered Garlic Rice that’s pan fried together with garlic and finished with a sprinkle of spring onions. Tsuki No Miyako certainly done well with this dish for it’s the most basic dish in Japanese cuisine. They’ve managed to capture the true essence of the chewy rice, garlic scent that’s fragrant and lastly it’s not oily. Definitely, a ‘Must Try’.

Garlic Fried Rice -Tsuki No Miyako
Garlic Fried Rice – RM10

This is one of my favourite dish, the Hotate To Uni No Carpaccio – slice scallop with sea urchin carpaccio. Fresh and moist scallop with a fine mixture of unique sauces was certainly flavoursome and I was hook to ask for more. Absolutely, ‘Must Try’ dish!

Another hot favourite of mine was Avocado Truffle Miso Gratin that’s served in an open avocado shell filled with seafood, avocado, and chicken truffle creamy gratin with spicy bean paste. A truly tantalizing dish with amazing flavours and each creamy scoop practically melts in my mouth. Another ‘Must Try’ dish!

The chef recommended us to try their seasonal dish, Sayori Sashimi. It’s only available during certain days. Chilled fresh sashimi dip into wasabi sauce truly tantalized my taste bud. The fish head will be deep fried later on and can be served as a snack. If, would recommend this if you like raw food.

Sayori Sashimi- TNM
Sayori Sashimi- RM38

We also ordered some rolls like Tako Yaki Maki – Octopus Dumpling Roll and Volcano Maki – grilled California roll topped with creamy gratin. Both are equally tasty, however I prefer the Volcano Maki.

Some new dishes was served to us as well. We tried the Spicy Tofu Roll which is– tofu with mayonnaise sauce wrap in seaweed. I loved the creativity of this dish with deep fried tofu (in cubes) served on topped of a tightly wrapped roll filled with tamago, avocado and crabmeat with a tinge of spiciness is delicious.

Spicy Tofu Roll - TNM
Spicy Tofu Roll

Tamago Mentai Yaki is also a new dish which was tamago served with mentai sauce. The chilled tamago is paired with warm cheesy mentai sauce and lastly was Gobou Fry – thinly sliced deep fried Japanese burdock. Perfectly fried and crunchy, definitely a ‘Must Try’ snack.

Gobou Fry & Tamago Mentai Yaki
From (L): Gobou Fry & Tamago Mentai Yaki

Our meal ended with a complimentary dessert on the house – Mizu Mochi served with honey and a sprinkle of nuts is truly savory. This is one Japanese restaurant that you should try, for the chef’s expertise in prepping the food is evident in all his creations. They also served a variety of sakae and fresh sashimi as well. If you have a craving for Japanese cuisines, do check outTsuki No Miyako.

Tsuki No Miyako
No.12, Jalan Puteri 7/15, Bandar Puteri,
47000, Puchong
+603-8066 5685
Facebook: Tsuki No Miyako  

Operations Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue – Friday: 12pm – 2.30pm (Lunch)
                           5.30pm – 10.30pm (Dinner)
Sat & Sun: 12pm – 10.30pm

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