Faber-Castell Malaysia Celebrates 40 Years Of Success!


I still remember during my school days, the first set of stationery my parents bought me was Faber-Castell. All of my classmates were also spotting the same stationery. Needless to say, it was the BRAND that all kids want to be associated with. How did this amazing brand come upon our Malaysian shore?

It all happen 40 years ago, when Faber-Castell founded its Malaysia subsidiary, establishing a gateway to the Asian market. Today, Faber-Castell Malaysia is the country’s leading producer and supplier of high quality stationery products and the world’s largest eraser manufacturer.

Are you aware, that Faber-Castell Malaysia produces 180 million ballpoint pens and gel pens as well as over 200 million pieces of erasers for local and export markets annually? Besides erasers and ballpoint pens, Faber-Castell also produces a series of other stationery products which include gel pens, highlighter, markers and removable adhesives in Malaysia.

Today, you can find Faber-Castell Malaysia all over North America, South America, European, the Middle East as well as the Asia Pacific Region. Among its best sellers include the Grip X, True Gel, Watercolour Pencils in Wonder Box, Tack-It and the Tri-grip 2B Pencils. Apart from the mass market products for general consumers, Faber-Castell also caters to the niche market through its mid-price and premium stationery products specifically for drawing. To date, Faber-Castell Malaysia has 5 Faber-Castell retail kiosks and more than 15 conceptual shop-in-shop operating in Malaysia.

In addition to its success, Faber-Castell Malaysia was also conferred several awards which include the Premier Brand Award (2011) from the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation for Brand Excellence in Writing & Drawing Instruments as well as the Trusted Brand Awards (2012-2016) from Readers Digest. Apart from that, Faber-Castell Malaysia was also honoured to be voted as the most recommended brand for colouring by arts teachers.

Faber-Castell Malaysia’s 40 years of success celebration, is complemented with a newly launched 90,000 sqft distribution centre located at Subang Jaya. This new distribution centre features a digitalised operations process with improvement in delivery accuracy and system efficiency, warehouse management system and six loading bays.

As part of the Faber-Castell 40th Anniversary event, award-winning products as well as Faber-Castell’s latest innovations were showcased. Among them include Super Clip Gel, Air Gel, Eco Gel, Pro Gel (Gel Pen), WinBall (Ball Pen), Textliner 38 Pastels (Highlighter), Shark Mechanical Pencils and One Touch Corrector.

(L-R) Dr. Toh Yan Peng, Countess Mary Von Faber-Castell, Mr. Daniel Rogger

Distinguished guests that were present at the event include the German Ambassador to Malaysia – H.E Nikolaus Graf Lambsdorff, Member of Executive Board Faber-Castell AG Countess Mary Von Faber-Castell & Chief Executive Officer Faber-Castell AG Daniel Rogger.

Dr. Toh Yan Peng delivering his speech to members of the media, distinguished guests, dealers and suppliers.

At the end of the event, Faber-Castell Malaysia has also donated a total amount of RM20,000 to Hope Worldwide. The donation goes into supporting Hope Worldwide’s Reading and Creative Art Programme for children aged between seven to 12 years old belonging to the underprivileged communities in Sentul and its neighbouring vicinities.

It was certainly a night to remember as we celebrate the success of Faber-Castell Malaysia!

For more information about Faber-Castell, visit their website at http://www.faber-castell.com.my/

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